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I've been working on a another message board that would be the perfect place to leave a little message or note.  It would also be great for reminders, memos, or even to post inspirational design photos and fabric swatches.  I followed the same method for this board as I did for this one I made for a Christmas gift.

I started with this corkboard from Goodwill.  I painted the frame white and recovered the corkboard using some spray adhesive and hot glue.  I added some leftover nailhead trim to the corners for a finishing touch.

I used this bird stencil from hobby lobby and some black craft paint....

to create this!  I'm hoping it will find a new home soon!  It's for sale in our booth


Tonia Lee Smith said...

I love this message board. Especially that nailheads.

Karen said...

That's way to cute to cover up with memos and swatches etc.It can stand on its own as art.

Kennedy Wife said...

So cute!

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