Burlap Message Board

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  I know we sure did!  I've been so excited to share this project with you.  I think it's one of my favorite projects yet.  My inspiration for this project was a burlap bag I found at the antique mall where I have a booth.  

I knew it would make a great gift for our friend who has a huge heart for Guatemala and it's people.  So, now what do I do with it?  I thought about framing it or making a pillow out of it but I figured he probably wouldn't really use those things.  Then, it came to me, make a message board, so that's just what I did.

I forgot to take a picture of the bag by itself but it was just a basic burlap sack.  

I stopped by Goodwill and found this corkboard for $1.99.  The paint job was interesting, but I knew I'd be covering that up.  

I cut it down to size to fit this frame I had in my garage.  (also a Goodwill purchase-$2.99)

After, I cut the cork board down to size, I used some spray adhesive to attach the burlap sack to the cork board.  Next, I stapled around the edges to make sure it stayed in place.  I painted the frame black and then attached the corkboard to it using screws.

As you can see from the above picture, there were some nails sticking through the back from some embellishing I had done on the front (you'll see that in a minute)  So, I used some cardboard to cover those and make sure it didn't do any damage to the wall.

and here it is all finished!

I added some nail heads to the corners to add some more detail and I really like how it turned out.


One Life Many Journeys said...

I love the added touch of the brads.

Crazy Wonderful said...

What a great idea! I agree, the nailheads totally finish it off. Good job!

Tonia Lee Smith said...

I love the board. Like Shelley said the nailheads really add the finishing touches.

Barbara Matson said...

Wow, busy over the holiday! Love it though, the nailhead touches really give it zing! I love taking old frames, painting and adding cork board. Have done it around the house, but I love your mix of burlap and nailhead. I have recovered a cork board in burlap and edged in nailhead but I like the graphic look of the bag mixed with the frame.

Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

It looks fabulous and Im sure the recipient loved it! Well thought out gifts are THE BEST!:)

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Love it! It has great texture.


That is awesome!!! I think I could do that. I don't know what the color is on the shutters because I bought them that way! I can color match it in one of my paint decks if you need.

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