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Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  I've been holding out on you guys.  We put our house on the market around the beginning of the year and it's been sort of a roller coaster ride.  At first we had lots of interest, a few offers and then a contract.  And then the contract fell through due to some issues that popped up with the buyer.  We've still had a good amount of showings, but no contract yet.  I was hesitant to share before because I didn't know if anything would happen with it.  We aren't in a position where we absolutely have to sell (which is good), we would just really like to and now seems like a good time.  

I haven't really been doing many house projects lately because I don't want to change too much or get in the middle of a big project only to have to leave it behind.  My style has changed quite a bit since we first moved into this house so I'm itching to change a few things.  If we do end up staying put, I'd love to change up the colors in some of the rooms in our home, change out my kitchen backsplash, and do some rearranging.  For now though, I'm trying to be content and at peace with whatever happens knowing that God has a plan for us that's bigger than we can see.  On another note, I've got a small reupholstery project I'm working on at the moment to get me out of this rut. :)  I'll be sharing it soon!  Thanks for sticking with me!  

Radiant Orchid

I'm so excited to be sharing a fun project today with some of my favorite bloggers!  We all worked on a project centered around radiant orchid, the color of the year.  
From top left moving clockwise: 
1. Flower Pots from Dimples and Tangles  2. Secretary Desk from Cuckoo4Design  3. Abstract Art from Retro Ranch Renovation  4. Basket from The Chronicles of Home  5. Painted Tray from Dwellings by Devore  6. Cross Stitched Jewelry Organizer from Primitive and Proper
I know radiant orchid hasn't been the most popular color of the year, but I really like it.  I probably wouldn't paint a whole room that color, but I think it's a great accent color in small doses.  My office is lavender with accents of pink and orange so I thought that would be the perfect place to throw in a little radiant orchid.    

I started with this tray that I found at Goodwill.  I see them there all the time.  Then I just picked up a sample pot of radiant orchid from Lowe's.  A little goes a long way so I have a bunch leftover for other projects.   

I really like the way this color pops against my white desk and the tray is great for keeping things a little more organized.

What do you think about radiant orchid?  Would you use it in your home?  Be sure to check out the other projects through the links at the top of the post!


Spring Updates

My house always feels a little dull after the holidays are over and winter sets in.  All the sparkly decorations are gone and things start looking a little boring.  Once the weather warms up and spring approaches I'm always ready for something new.  That's why I was so glad when reached out to me and several other bloggers to hear about our favorite spring trends.  

When I think of spring I automatically think of bright colors.  So I decided to add some color to my otherwise neutral living room.  I think most of us try to refresh and brighten things up this time of year.  I'm loving yellow right now, particularly a bright lemony shade of it.  So I took that thought and ran with it.  First I went to and searched for Amazon coupon codes.  Actually, I always check for coupon codes before I purchase anything online and I'm usually able to save some money.  Then, I browsed Amazon for pillow covers.  I didn't see any ready made ones that I liked so I decided to make my own.  I chose this fabric with this trim for two of them and then this fabric for the other one.  I added zippers to them so it's easy to slip them on and off when the seasons change or I'm ready for something different.   

Fresh flowers are another great addition for spring!

I love the citrusy yellow paired with a more natural trim.  

Now for the fun part.  You have a chance to win a gift card to West Elm or Target!  Two of my favorite places.  Just use the form below to enter.  This giveaway will end on April 7th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to check out the other spring updates from these other lovely ladies too!


How to remove color from glass

I was so excited to come across this pair of lamps at Goodwill.  It's rare to find a pair of lamps that happen to be in good condition and have a great shape.  The color wasn't my favorite, but I figured I could paint them or something.  My mom had actually been looking for a pair of lamps for her guest room and I thought the clean lines of these would work well in there. 

When I looked a little closer I realized the glass wasn't actually colored, but that there was just a yellow film over the glass.  I could tell because part of it was scratched off in certain places.  I was excited to discover this because that meant I could attempt to get it off and end up with clear glass lamps.  I liked the idea of that better than painting the glass.  

So, I did a little experimenting to see what the best way would be to get it off.  I used Brasso on one because it contains ammonia and I thought it might do the trick.  I brushed it on in sections and let it sit for a few minutes.  Then I used an old toothbrush to scrape it off.  Actually the side of the head of the toothbrush ended up working really well to scrape it without scratching it.  It worked, but it still involved quite a bit of scraping and scrubbing so I used a different approach with the second lamp. 

 I had some Citri-Strip in the garage from another project so I thought I'd give it a try.  This method seemed to work much better and go faster.  I did let it sit for about 20-30 minutes and ended up having to go over it twice, but there was much less scrubbing and scraping involved.  So if you want to try it, I would recommend the second method.  

I ended up with perfectly clear glass lamps.  They look so much better than how they started out.  The lampshades were a clearance find from Target a while back.  They have a pinkish patterned inside that will work well with the other pink elements going on in the room.  The container for the succulent is just an old candle jar taped off with frog tape and spray painted gold.    

I'm excited to get this room finished up so I can share it with you guys!


Oh Joy for Target

Happy first day of spring!  I think it's safe to say we are all ready for some warmer weather!  We are actually supposed to be getting some beautiful weather over these next few days and I couldn't be happier about it.  Speaking of spring, have you guys seen the Oh Joy Collection at Target?  I haven't had a chance to check it out in the store yet, but it looks amazing!  The colors are so fresh and spring like!  Here are a few of my favorites.

It makes me want to throw a party just for spring!

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DIY play kitchen makeover

I can't tell you how excited I am about this little kitchen makeover.  Ever since I found I was pregnant with our little girl, I knew I wanted to make her a play kitchen.  I have had so much fun making them in the past for other people.  So I set out on a hunt for the perfect nightstands, or better yet a pair of nightstands.  Let me tell you, that is no easy feat, especially if you don't want to spend a fortune.  Then I came across this little gem at Goodwill for $10.  It was too good to pass up.  

It had all the parts, it was adorable, but oh boy was it dirty.  Let me show you…

Nice right?  It looks like maybe it was kept outside on a porch or something based on all the dirt that was on it.  There was also some damage to the MDF from water or something.  So I scrubbed the entire thing down really well and then primed it with Kilz Spray Primer.  I did a few coats because I wanted to make sure I had really good coverage and adhesion.  Once it was dry, I sanded everything down with fine grit sandpaper to make sure it was smooth.  Then I spray painted it all glossy white.  I used this spray paint.  A lot of the accent pieces got a coat of gold spray paint, because I love it.

For the countertops, the kind people at offered to let me try out some of their contact paper.  I wanted to paint a faux marble looking countertop, but wasn't sure I could pull it off.  I also thought the contact paper would be a nice option since it would be wipeable and wear well.  I went with the Marble Carrara Grey.  You guys when I got it in the mail I was so impressed!  I couldn't believe how much it looked like real marble.  I'll admit I was skeptical before I got it.  I had only seen the cheap faux marble contact paper that you buy at Walmart and wasn't expecting much more.  This stuff looks like the real deal!  It's a great solution for a backsplash for renters because it peels off without leaving residue.  If I didn't have green laminate countertops in my kitchen I would definitely be trying it!  

I can't resist pom pom trim, so I added a little to the bottom of the skirt.  Speaking of the skirt, there was a door there originally but it didn't close correctly.  You had to lift it to get it to stay and I knew it would just be frustrating.  I liked the idea of adding fabric anyway to give it more color and pattern.

I'm a true southern girl at heart, so I jump at the chance to monogram anything!  In fact, I think I need to make one of these for my own kitchen!

She loves it and spends most of her waking hours playing with it so I think it was a success!  In fact, I think this just might be my dream kitchen on a smaller scale!

Source List:

Fabric for curtain:
black pom pom trim: Hobby Lobby
Gold Bar Pulls: Cool Knobs and Pulls
Faux Marble Contact Paper:


Spring Refresh

One of my favorite ways to refresh a room is to update the pillows.  It's a pretty cost effective way to make a huge impact.  You can change the whole color scheme of a room with a few new pillow covers and maybe a can of spray paint if all your major pieces in the room are neutral.  Our living room is mostly neutral right now so I'm planning to add a few pops of color for spring.  I'm particularly loving pops of yellow.  I feel like it will really add some cheerfulness to my otherwise neutral living room.

Here are some of my favorite pillows for spring in one of my favorite spring colors, yellow!

1 2 3 4 5 6  

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