Winter Mantle

After Valentine's day passed, I needed to make a few updates to my mantle.  I replaced the "love" art with a botanical print from a thrifted book I have.  But, the mat was just a teeny bit too large.  This gold, metallic tape from Target was just what it needed.  I created a border around the edge to hold the print in place.


I think it adds a glamorous edge to an otherwise traditional print.

I also added these x benches in front of the fireplace.  I've been feeling like the corner fireplace was sort of an afterthought and I think the benches help incorporate it into the rest of the room.  The extra seating is a nice bonus too.

I'm loving the addition of the green too.  I actually switched up some of the accent pillows on the sectional as well and it feels like this room is finally starting to come together!


Hello Kitty Party

Today is my daughter's third birthday and I can hardly believe it.  I know everyone says it, but it really does fly by.  It seems like this last year especially flew by!  But, we really are enjoying each new stage and the joys and challenges that come along with it.  We feel so grateful that God has blessed us with this precious girl.  

Most of our family lives in the area so we had a little get together to celebrate her birthday this past weekend with them.  Hello Kitty is one of my daughter's favorites, so that became the theme for this year's party.  I kept the menu really simple to make things easier.  We ordered a few pizzas from our favorite local place, my in laws brought a caesar salad, and we finished the meal with cake (of course!), chocolate covered strawberries, and cake pops.

My daughter is a big fan of cake pops.  I blame Starbucks and her yaya for her love of them. :)  So when I saw this idea for Hello Kitty Cake Pops from Bakerella I knew I had to at least give it a try.  They are far from perfect, but they were a hit with my daughter and they were pretty tasty too.  I wrapped styrofoam blocks from the Dollar Tree with wrapping paper to create the base.

I rummaged through my growing collection of gift wrap and chose colors and textures that would fit with the theme of the party.  It ended up adding a lot of color and visual impact with little cost and effort.  

If you've never made a Rosette Cake you must give it a try, it's so easy and fun!

The birthday girl contributed to the decorations too.  

I just love these giant number balloons from Party City.

My sister in law gave her this giant Hello Kitty for Christmas last year and it ended up being a perfect prop for the party display.

I found this adorable Hello Kitty dress at H & M.  I can't find it online, but I found it in store.  They have the cutest character stuff.

Lastly, I found this Hello Kitty karaoke machine on major clearance last year and have been saving it.    I wasn't sure if she would like it, but it was definitely a hit with her and my nephews.  We've had front row seats for numerous renditions of "Let it Go" over the past 48 hours and I foresee many more concerts in our future. 

My husband made me promise that next year we will get a store bought cake and go bowling. :)

If you missed her previous parties you can check them out here.


A New Thrifted Lamp

I always find it hard to pass up a good lamp when I see one at a thrift store.  Especially when it's only $3.99 and has a lucite base.  There's just something about lucite/acrylic that draws me in.  The pretty gourd shape was a nice bonus too.  

It sort of reminded me of this gorgeous brushstroke lamp from Jana Bek Designs.

(please pin from original source found here)

I liked the original navy finish on the lamp I found, but it was peeling off in spots.  The odd thing was, when I started peeling the price stickers off, huge sheets of the paint came off with it and revealed a pretty, creamy finish.  So I threw my original plans to paint it out the window and decided to just keep peeling the rest of the paint off.  I used a few pieces of duct tape to peel it off and it worked great.

I recently found this little dish at Goodwill too and just loved something about it.

If you'd like to see my DIY brush stroke lamp, inspired by Jana's beauties, check out the post here.

I still may add a few brushstrokes to my thrifted find, but I haven't decided yet.  I'm thinking a deep shade of green might be pretty!  Also, we got our rug in yesterday and it's a perfect fit!  I'll be sharing soon!


Our New Coffee Table & a DIY

We've been searching for the perfect coffee table for our living room for about a month now.  I had no idea it would be so challenging to find one that fit our criteria.  With a toddler in the house, rounded corners were a must!  However, that significantly narrowed down our options.  We also needed it to be budget friendly, which eliminated quite a few more.  Our sectional is a square shape, so that meant the size needed to be sort of specific.  My husband and I both fell in love with one from West Elm when we first started looking, but we wanted to look around before pulling the trigger.  Of course when we went back to get it, it had been discontinued!  We were pretty bummed, but continued the 
?[search.  This past weekend, on Valentine's day, we checked out a local furniture store on a whim.  How romantic right? :)  And we found the perfect one!  The color of the wood blends perfectly with our roman shades and the size is perfect too.  

I found this faceted box in the One Spot at Target.  I couldn't pass it up for $3.  I'm always drawn to boxes for some reason and they are great for styling.

I fancied it up a bit, by gluing this little rock to the top.  This rock may not look like anything special, but it has a little sentimental value.  When we first moved in our home, my husband found it in the backyard and he loved it because you could see the layers in it.  So I held on to it as a memento of when we first moved in.  I like the juxtaposition of the more modern box with the earthiness of the rock.  A crystal on top would be pretty too!

Slowly but surely this room is coming together!  Our rug should be arriving today and I can't wait to get it down.  I think it will really help pull everything together!


Gold Glittered Piggy Bank

My daughter is getting to the age where she likes to collect spare change, so naturally she needed a place to put her stash.  I told my mom to keep an eye out for a piggy bank on her thrifting ventures and she came through for us a few days later with this little guy.

The blue was a little too boyish so I gave it a coat of gold spray paint (Rustoleum Gold Metallic).

Then, I coated it with a layer of modge podge and sprinkled it with gold glitter.  After it was good and dry I covered it with another layer of modge podge to help keep the glitter in place.  I'm sure we will still see stray glitter from time to time, but the modge podge seems to be doing a good job of holding it on.

My daughter loves it and honestly I do too!  Even though I'm a grown woman, there's just something about gold glitter that always catches my eye!


Choosing Lighting for Open Floor Plans

Changing out your light fixtures is a simple, effective way to easily upgrade the look of a space.  However, you want to make sure to keep continuity between the rooms in your house, especially if you have an open floor plan.  Our floorpan is very open.  You can see straight from the kitchen through the eating area, and into the living room.  And there's a hanging light in each space.  I wanted each light to be different, but I still needed it to flow.  I also wanted the lights to be unique and interesting, not just a set of three lights from a big box store.

I started with our dining area light.  We moved it with us from our old house because we just loved it and didn't want to leave it behind.    Then, we switched out the builder's grade pendants in the kitchen to these from Kenroy Home.  Lastly, we had to find something for our living room.  I wanted something interesting that would blend well with the other fixtures.  The light is wired for the center of the room, not our furniture arrangement, so I wanted an asymmetrical light to draw attention away from that.  This mobile pendant from West Elm ended up being the perfect fit.  (and it's on sale right now!) 

West Elm Mobile Chandelier (it also comes in silver)

Here are a few tips for choosing light fixtures that work well together.

And a few more groupings for you!

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