DIY Kitchen Shelves

If you are coming over from Lindsay Hill Interiors, welcome!  I'm participating in a fun blog hop today and sharing these easy DIY kitchen shelves.

I've always loved the look of open shelving and really wanted to incorporate it into our kitchen.  I knew this spot would be the perfect space to try it out while still preserving most of our upper cabinets.  I also thought removing this cabinet would help to let in some much needed extra light and make things feel more open and interesting.  So let's start with the before.

I searched for the longest time trying to find open shelves that would support a decent amount of weight and wouldn't cost a fortune and came up empty handed.  I also needed a specific length so that made finding ready made shelves difficult.  So when I came across these brackets that didn't cost an arm and a leg I was so happy.  And they support up to 88 lbs!  
The instructions they came with were pretty vague, but they are pretty simple to figure out.  They hardest, and most crucial part, is making sure the brackets are in the exact same place as the holes in the back of the shelf.

I started out by finding the studs in the wall using a stud finder.  Then I marked where the studs were and used a laser level to make sure the marks were even. Next, I drilled a hole slightly 
smaller in diameter than the bracket.

Then I used a hex bit attached to my drill to screw in the brackets.  Make sure you screw them in as straight as possible.

Then I held the shelf up to my brackets and marked on the back where I needed to drill.  You will need to drill exactly in the center of your marks both horizontally and vertically.  If you have a drill press that would be best for this step.  However, I didn't have one and it still worked fine.  Just try to keep your drill bit as straight as possible.  I made the hole slightly larger than the bracket.

You can use any type of wood you want, but just make sure it's a straight board and not warped.  You'll also want to make sure the board is thick enough as well.  Mine are around 2" thick and 9" deep.  My dad actually made these for me with the help of a family friend.  I think the wood is oak.   

After you have your holes drilled, test them out to see if they fit on the brackets.  If it's not an exact fit you can fudge a little bit by making the hole slightly bigger or using a rubber mallet to gently tap it into place.  One of my holes was slightly off and I had to do this and it worked just fine.  

  I used a mixture of Minwax Jacobean and Minwax Classic Gray to stain the shelves.  I don't know the exact proportions, but I just mixed it until I liked the color, using mostly Jacobean and a little bit of the classic gray.  A piece of scrap wood works great to test out the color first.  You can seal it with polycrylic, but I chose to skip it this time. 

It's amazing what a difference this one little change made.  It opened up the room so much and made that wall really stand out.  Stay tuned for more kitchen updates.  I can't wait to show you, it doesn't even look like the same space!  Head on over to Styled With Lace for more inspiration or click the links below for the full blog hop.


Using Greenery In Your Home

I love using fresh greenery throughout our house.  Even though I'm not the best with plants, I've somehow managed to keep several alive.  I love the organic feel they add to a space.  Today I'm joining several other bloggers and talking about how to use fresh flowers and greenery in your home.  If you are coming over from Amy's blog, Meme Hill, welcome!  Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.

One of my favorite types of greenery to use in our home is Eucalyptus.  I talk about it all the time because it's so versatile and so inexpensive.  I typically grab a bunch of it at Trader Joe's every week and it only sets me back $3.  And it smells heavenly.  I usually keep it in a simple vase on the counter.

It's also great for creating a simple, organic table setting.  It would be perfect for Easter.  You can mix in pretty much any color flowers you want.  I used basic brown craft paper to create a runner and then layered the eucalyptus on top.

And of course I love a simple bouquet of flowers too.  Just drop them in a vase or even a simple glass and you are good to go!  

How do you like to use greenery in your home?  Do you have a favorite flower that you find yourself drawn to every time?  

Now head on over to 2 Ladies and a Chair for more inspiration!  You can also see the full tour below.


Moodboard Monday - Spring Picks

I'm back today with a quick little moodboard for Moodboard Mondays!  We have had some beautiful weather these past few days and it has me so excited for spring.  We've been out in the yard soaking up some vitamin D and trying to get things ready for the warmer weather.  I've found some bright and cheery picks that will have your outdoor space ready for spring in no time.  The scalloped umbrella and swinging chair (on sale right now!) are my favorites!

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14 Ideas to Style Your Home for Spring

Spring is one of my most favorite times of year!  I love seeing all the pretty flowers in bloom and the weather is perfect, not too hot and not too cold.  We've actually had a very mild winter so I can't complain, but this week has been freezing so I'm hoping my spring decor will help bring the beautiful weather back our way!  Today I'm participating in a spring home tour and sharing a few simple touches that I added to our home to help things feel fresh for spring.  If you are coming over from Amy's blog, Crazy Chic Design, welcome!  Let's get started.  

In our living room I switched out the throw pillows for some lighter and brighter ones.  This is one of the easiest ways to update any room.  You can quickly change the look and even the color scheme of a room with just this one step.  Also, I like to use the covers with a zipper so I can keep using the same inserts and just fold up the covers when they aren't in use.  H&M and IKEA have great ones that are super reasonable. 

I mixed in some flowers with my favorite eucalyptus to add a spring touch to the mantle. 

Also, you may have noticed we got a new sectional!  I'll talk more about it in another post, but it made such a huge difference in this room.  

The guest room didn't get any major changes for the season, but the blue and white floral pillows and coral prints always make me think of spring.

In our bedroom, I switched out the leopard pillows for some blush ones from H&M. (similar here)  It actually makes me want to add a little more pink to this space.

More eucalyptus made it's way to the bedroom.  I love having it on my nightstand, it smells so good!

I also switched out the throw at the foot of our bed.  I found this one for an amazing deal and loved the added texture of the fur.  I originally planned to cover the bench at the foot of our bed with it, but I couldn't bear to cut it up.  

I picked up this cute little bunny jar in the Target dollar spot and thought it would be a nice little spring touch for the kids' bath.  They have had so many cute things lately.  

I added pink flowers to the office.  It's always nice to have fresh flowers when I'm working, especially this time of year.

And that wraps up the tour!  So if you are wanting to change things up for the new season, grab some inexpensive flowers (Trader Joe's are my favorite) and a few new pillow covers and you'll be ready for spring in no time!  For more inspiration head on over to I Don't Know How She Does it and check out Gloribell's beautiful home!

You can also check out all the tours here:



Leopard X Benches

If you follow me on instagram then you saw a peek of this project already.  My hubby and I had a little day date on Saturday and we ended up stopping by The Depot to looks for some fabric.  If you are ever in the Charlotte area I highly recommend stopping by there.  They have mostly antique/farmhouse style stuff, but their fabric section is the best.  They have lots of deeply discounted high end fabric remnants.  I was actually looking for fabric for another project when I came across this Braemore Jamil Natural Fabric.  

I've been wanting to cover these x benches for a while.  I don't mind the green fabric, but it limits my pillow choices in the living room and I do like to change those up pretty often.  I thought the leopard print would be a great neutral and help keep the room grounded with it's bold, rich colors.  

Here's what I started with.  I found these at Target on major clearance a few years back.  They still have similar ones in a different pattern here.  

I cut the fabric to size and actually ended up making them into slipcovers so I can revert back to the green if I want to change things up.  I actually still have enough left to make a lumbar pillow too.  I seriously may end up using this in every room in my house!  I already have it in my bedroom and love it there too.  Every room could use a touch of leopard right?

Be sure to check back Friday.  I'll be sharing my spring home tour along with some other talented bloggers.  There's sure to be lots of inspiration to get you ready for spring!



World Market Sale

I've always been a big fan of world market, but they have had some really great stuff lately.  And they have their friends and family sale going on right now, so pretty much everything is 30% off!  Here are a few of my favorites from the sale.

These gray wicker barstools are technically for outdoors, but I would definitely use them indoors too!  I love the wood/wicker combo.

I also love this little faceted stool as well.  The color is perfect for spring!

These chairs look so much more expensive than they are.  They also come in white.

This set would be great for a small patio or apartment with a balcony.

I love the modern take on these rattan chairs.

This king bed comes in at around $350, which is a great deal for an upholstered bed.

I have this chandelier in my dining room and love it.  You can see what it looks like in real life here

I love this one too!  It would look so sweet in a nursery!

They have tons of great throw pillows too!  These are technically outdoor pillows, but I would definitely use them indoors.  And as a bonus, they should be easier to clean.  I'm all about that these days.

There are so many other good things too!  Let me know if you found any great things!


DIY marble tray

I love the look of marble.  It has such an elegant, classy feel and I'm always drawn to it, especially in the kitchen.  As much as I would love to have marble countertops, that's not going to happen and I'm ok with it.  But since I love the look, I decided to add a little touch of it to our kitchen.  I also wanted to create some interest on the countertop. 

This tray was a Goodwill find from a few years back.  I actually really like the look of it as is, green and agate are favorites of mine, but it just doesn't really fit anywhere in our home.  So I pulled out my faux marble contact paper that I had leftover from this project and gave it a little facelift.

Bascially, cut, peel, and stick.  I added a few of my kitchen essentials to it and put it by the stove.  So far I love having everything I use on a daily basis within reach and the little touch of marble is nice too!  

You may also have noticed that we changed our backsplash!  I will be doing an update on that too, but we love how it turned out.  It was a small change that made a huge difference.

This is not a sponsored post, I just love this stuff and think you will too.  You can purchase it here.  The roll is huge and will last you forever.  

I've used it on a few other projects (see below) and still have a ton leftover.