Tiered Serving Tray - 3 Ways

I shared this DIY rustic serving tray a while back when I created it for Ehow and I wanted to share a few different ways that you could use one in your home.  For me, I tend to use serving trays like this a few times a year when we have special occasions or get togethers, but I wanted to focus on ways I could use something like this all year round.  Here's how I originally styled it.  It works great as a dessert serving tray.  In fact, I'm really excited to use it for s'mores this fall.

It would also work really great as a kitchen caddy.  I love keeping pretty things out that I use frequently so I can easily access them.  

And lastly it makes a perfect office caddy.  It's nice to have supplies that I use frequently in arms reach, instead of rummaging through all the desk drawers to try to find things.  

And if you want to see how to make a tiered server like this one, you can check out my post on Ehow!  


DIY monogrammed pillow sham

Sorry for the silence over here this week, we were having one last summer hoorah at the beach!  We had a great time and are now officially ready for fall.  It is definitely my favorite season.  I was so excited to see mums in the grocery store and feel a little nip in the air this morning.  

I'm slowly trying to finish up my daughter's room.  For some reason it just wasn't coming together like I had envisioned.  I knew I wanted to do some sort of monogrammed pillow sham in there.  Maybe it's the southerner in me, but I just love a good monogram.  I searched around online, but all the ones I came across were a little too pricey for my budget.  I decided to make a similar one for a fraction of the cost.  Here was my inspiration:

I loved the scalloped edge and large monogram, but not the $120+ price tag.  For my version, I bought a set of two white ruffled shams from Overstock.  Then I purchased some orange trim from Hobby Lobby for around three dollars.  I ended up needing two rolls to go all the way around the edge.  I had a friend do the monogram for me for only $6, which is such a great deal!  I used my sewing machine to sew the trim around the outside edge of the ruffle.  If you don't sew you could definitely use something like Fabri-Tac.  I ended up spending around $30 total and I still have another sham leftover.

I also made a quick pillow cover for the euro pillow behind the sham.  The fabric was a clearance find from Hobby Lobby and I just couldn't resist adding a little pom pom trim.  I think this room is almost officially done.  I just have one more little project to finish and I'm calling it done!


Child's Reading Nook

Lately I've been determined to wrap up half finished projects around the house.  My daughter's room is one of those spaces.  It felt almost done, but there was just something missing and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  Do you ever feel that way about a room?  I decided it needed a little more layering to make it feel more pulled together.  So I started by creating a small little reading nook using stuff we already had.  Free projects are the best.  

First I hung these clear acrylic shelves on the wall.  They were originally used on the side of a cabinet in my daughter's nursery at our last house.  They had been sitting in her closet for forever and I figured it was time to put them to good use.  It is actually 4 smaller shelves and I just butted two of them together for each shelf to form one longer shelf.  You can hardly tell in person.  You can find the shelves here.  They are great for playrooms too! 

I also added this stump from my Home Depot Style Challenge last year.  I gave it a few coats of gold spray paint so it would fit in better with this space.  If you've poked around this blog at all you'll realize that I love earthy things and I felt like this was a great way to incorporate something earthy while still keeping it feminine.  

This chair from my old office happened to be a perfect fit in here too!

It was a quick and easy little project and it's already made this room feel more finished.  I love that my little girl now has a special spot to read too!  I'm finishing up a few more little projects and hope to do an "official" reveal of this space soon!


DIY Owl Lamp

I've said it before, but you really can make a lamp out of pretty much anything.  I came across this owl statue at Goodwill and immediately thought it would make a great lamp base.  It reminded me of this one.  

 I shared the tutorial for how to drill through ceramic here.  Click here for more detailed instructions.  Basically I used a diamond drill bit and drilled slowly through the top and side of the owl, spraying the surface with water frequently as I went.

Once I had the two holes drilled, I threaded my wire through the side and then up through the top.  I had to get a little creative when it came to getting the wire through the top.  I taped two straws together and used that to guide the wire through the hole in the top.  

Once that was done, I connected the wires to the socket and put the top portion together.  This post goes into more detail about how to put the socket portion together.  You can either take an old lamp apart and use the socket portion from that or you can buy a lamp kit at most hardware stores.

Once that was done, I used some E6000 glue to adhere the socket to the top of the owl.  I let it dry for a few days and then added a lampshade.  

This was a really easy and inexpensive project and I think it adds a unique and whimsical touch to our playroom.

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Gold Fan

I love projects that are quick, easy, & inexpensive and I have one of those for you today!  It involves a can of gold spray paint, which is one of my favorite ways to transform something.  It dries quickly and the results are almost immediate.

We've used a fan in my daughter's room since she was born and so when it finally bit the dust a few months ago, I wasn't surprised.  I searched for something that was a bit more glamorous than a typical fan, but came up empty handed.  I actually couldn't find a single gold fan, at least in my budget.  So I picked this one up from Target.  I loved the compact size, but the gray felt a little too industrial to me.  

I started by taking it apart.

The process may be a little different, depending on your fan, but basically just look for the screws and start unscrewing them.

Then I spray painted the outer shell Design Master Brilliant Gold.

After it dried, I put it back together.  It's amazing what a difference it made.  Now it feels more like an accessory instead of an eye sore.  

This was one of those little projects that has been hanging over my head for a while.  I'm so glad I finally just took a few minutes to get it done!

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Fawn Print For Less

I'm seeing fawn/antelope print everywhere these days and I'm so drawn to it.  I think it's classy and fresh and something that will be around for a while.  I first spotted it in Kristin's amazing bedroom and have been smitten ever since.  There are lots of pricey fawn/antelope print products on the market, but I stumbled upon some great fawn prints on Spoonflower and had to share.  There are so many prints on Spoonflower that it's a little overwhelming, so I normally just go on there when I'm looking for something specific.  I think any of these would make great pillows or even be great for upholstering a wingback chair or two!  I'm hoping to come across a great chair that I can reupholster for my desk and I think this might be the perfect fit!  This is also available as wallpaper, so many great options there.  And the fact that it's an animal print means it reads as a neutral in my book so you can use it pretty much anywhere!
  1  2  3

And some inspiration for you! 

DIY board and batten accent wall

Ever since we moved into our house last fall I've wanted to do something to the fireplace wall.  It's a corner fireplace, so I wanted it to feel more like a focal point vs. an afterthought.  That corner also feels a little dark because of the way the light shines through.  So, I finally got the motivation to do something about it.  I had mostly been putting it off because I've never used an air compressor or a nail gun and thought of it kind of scared me.  I've used plenty of tools, but for some reason those seemed intimidating to me.  Well, my dad came to the rescue and lended me a helping hand for this project.  I'm happy to say that I conquered my fear of the nailgun and actually may be a little addicted to using it!  Head on over to Ehow for the tutorial.  Also, I should mention that this was a really budget friendly project too, a lot of bang for the buck.

Here's a little before picture I snapped when we first go started.

And after!

In person it's even more of a dramatic difference.  I'm so happy I conquered my fears and went for it, even though I wasn't sure what the end result would be.  Do certain power tools intimidate you too?  Tell me I'm not the only one! :)