Linear Lantern Sale

When we upgraded to a larger dining table, the existing light started to feel a little small.  I haven't been in any rush to change it, but I've been keeping an eye out for something that might work better.  I was also hoping to find something that might provide more contrast with the table/chairs/rug. 

This is how it looks currently.

I saw that World Market was having a pretty big sale and decided to see if they had any good deals.  I  came across this light and immediately thought of our kitchen dining area.  It's already half price, but I had an additional 30% off coupon that I got in the mail which makes it a steal!  I've had good luck with World Market lights in the past so I'm hoping this will be a good fit.  I'm not sure if I will keep it brass or spray paint it a matte black.  Either way I think it will still fill the space without obstructing the view to the living room, which is something I was worried about.  I will probably end up selling our existing light which should more than cover the cost of this new light and it should be a better fit.  It's a win win! 

What do you guys think?  I'll definitely update you when it comes in!

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DIY painted piano

I haven't been thrifting as much over the past few years, so occasionally I'll put my mom on the lookout for things.  She has a great eye and is the ultimate queen of deals.  She spotted this piano at Goodwill and thought I might like it.  It was a steal and the sound was great, the finish however needed some work but I knew that would be a fairly easy fix.  My dad kindly picked it up for me with his truck and delivered it to our house.  It is super heavy, so my husband and a few of the neighbors loaded it into the house.

I would have preferred to paint it out in the garage, but I knew that once we got it in the house it was staying put.  It was too heavy to move in and out.  So with that in mind, I lightly sanded the piano in the house, making sure not to create a lot of dust.  Then I wiped the whole thing down with thieves cleaner.  It was covered with stickers.  Next, I painted it white with a paint plus primer combo I picked up at Lowes.  I normally would have preferred to use an oil based primer and then paint it with a few coats of latex paint, but since it was indoors I was trying to avoid fumes.

Since I didn't use a primer, and I was going over a darker stained finish, it did take several coats.  I'm pleased to say it's held up quite well though and let me assure you it takes quite a bit of abuse.  In face last week I found it covered it crayon marks.  A quick wipe down with a magic eraser took care of it and now it looks good as new.  

Side note, after it was painted we had it tuned.  The whole time the guy was tuning it, he kept talking about how paint had dripped between some of the pieces and the person who was painting it must have known nothing about pianos.  I about died.  So maybe be a little more careful than I was if you give it a try.  I will say that he just peeled off the paint so no harm done. 

And because they are my favorite flower, I have to show my peonies I picked up from Trader Joes.  I wish I could make them last forever!  I mixed them with some eucalyptus to fill up the vase more.

I've also heard that chalk paint works well for this type of project.  So it might be worth trying that too!  Nesting with Grace has a great tutorial if you want to give that option a try.  


How to Hang Art on Siding

Our back patio had a large open area that felt like it needed something.  I wanted to hang my DIY outdoor art there to fill it in and add some interest, but was hesitant because I didn't want to damage the siding.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found these hooks on amazon.  They slip right under the edge of the siding and leave no damage.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but so far so good.  I've had it hanging this way for a few weeks and we've had some decently strong winds and it hasn't budged.  I wouldn't hang anything too heavy on them though.

  It looks like it's resting on the table in this picture, but it's not.  I just didn't want to go up to the next row of siding because it felt like it was hanging too high, sort of like high water pants. :) 

I bought these garden stools from a neighbor for $20. (for the pair)  If you've ever shopped for them you know they can be pricey, so I was excited to find them for that.  I'm still debating on painting them.  The finish isn't perfect, but I don't think anyone would notice and they are outdoor stools so I'm no super worried about it.

Have you tried hanging anything on siding before?  Let us know how it worked for you!


Favorite IKEA Products

I made a quick trip to IKEA the other day and thought I'd share a few of the fun things I came across while I was there.  I didn't have much time to really look so these are just things I happened to see as I was walking by.  Some of these are my IKEA staples, things that I buy again and again and some are new (or new to me) things.

Let's start with some of my favorites that I use often. 

These are great little bookshelves, especially for a playroom or a nursery.

I have the white version of these plates and they are great, but the pink is so fun!  I bought them when they were a special deal with the IKEA family program.  

The Ritva curtains are one of my all time favorites.  They are affordable and you can easily customize them with trim, dye them, or even stencil them.  They are also great as is when you just want a plain curtain panel that doesn't distract.  I love that they are long too, 98 inches.  Here are a few projects I've done with them (fabric trimmed curtains and greek key trimmed curtains)  

These little faux sheepskin rugs are perfect for adding a touch of texture to a small area.  You can also use them to cover a small bench or just drape it over one if you don't want to commit.  I used one in my daughter's teepee to add some coziness.  

I used these drawer organizers in my son's nursery and they are great.  I love how they perfectly fit the IKEA furniture so they maximize the storage.  

We used these picture ledge shelves in our living room here before we updated them with these.  You can use several in a row to make a longer ledge or use them for bookshelves.  

Their frames are great too.  I especially like the Ribbas.  They are clean and classic and come in several different sizes, perfect for creating a gallery wall.

These plain white pillowcases are the perfect blank canvas for a DIY project and they are super cheap.  You couldn't make them for $4.  I've been wanting to try this technique on them. 

And now for some new things I spotted.

This isn't a new product, but a new way I saw it displayed.  I wouldn't have thought to hang one of these shelving units on the wall, but I actually think it works well here.  Painting it the same color as the wall makes it seem less obtrusive.  It's a great way to add storage in a small space.  They also carry fake fiddle leaf figs now.  They looked a little on the fake side, but maybe if you played with the  leaves a little you could make it look a little more realistic.  It was $49. 

Loved these lanterns for a patio space.  The scale was pretty large, which is part of why I liked them, so I would add a nice chunky pillar candle.  

The perfect little pedestal to keep by the kitchen sink.  I think it would be a great little spot for soap, lotion and a few sponges.

A great basket for produce.

They had several great throw blankets.  I liked this classic linen one.  

More great texture on these headboards.

I always enjoy checking out their fabric department.  Lots of great patterns and the prices are usually under $10 a yard.

If you have a room with limited closet space, I think this pretty hanging rack would be a great solution.  

A few of these over an island would be great and they looked even better in person.  The cord is sold separately from the shade so you can mix and match.  I liked the large glass globe with the brass cord kit.  

More great texture with these chairs.

A great, classic lamp that could be used pretty much anywhere.  

What are your go to ikea products?   


Our New (to us) Coffee Table

The coffee table we used to have always felt a little small to me and like it needed to be a little larger to fit the space better.  All the ones that I liked were pricey so I just kept waiting for one to pop up somewhere.  So when I saw this one on a Facebook yardsale sight I jumped on it!  It's the perfect fit and fills the room so much better.

The best part is, it was $100 and it already has a rustic look so I don't have to worry about it with my littles.  It takes a beating every day with matchbox cars and I think it just adds to the character.  

The "tray" is a thrifted mirror from Goodwill.  I have no wall space for it, but I'm kind of liking it here.  It reminds me of one of those hand mirrors, but on a much larger scale.  

The original knob was wood and was the same finish as the table.  It made it look a little dated so I switched it out with this concrete looking knob from Hobby Lobby.  It was only a few dollars and made a huge difference.  And that little drawer turned out to be the perfect spot to store matchbox cars.  I'm all about functional storage. 

I also want to give a shoutout to my new favorite plant, the asparagus fern.  I picked it up on a whim at Lowe's for our back patio but I'm kind of loving it in here.  It's super low maintenance and adds so much life to the room.  I planted it in a plastic bowl (with holes drilled in the bottom) and then put it in this champagne cooler from IKEA.  I bought it when they were on sale for $10 and wish I had grabbed a few more.  They make the perfect planter!  

And in full discloser, this coffee table is usually not styled like this.  With little toddler hands around it's just easier to keep it cleared off for now, but I do have fun styling it from time to time.  


DIY craft table

My daughter loves all things crafty.  Give her some craft supplies and she's a happy girl which makes my school supply loving heart so proud.  I remember as a kid my mom let us pick out a prize at the store and I picked out the clear, brightly colored glue and thought it was the coolest thing ever. :)  So I really wanted to give her a space to create and do school work in the playroom.  I looked for the longest time for a rectangular craft table that wasn't short and would fit two chairs on one side.  It turns out that is a tricky thing to find.  So when I can't find what I'm looking for, I try to DIY it and that's what I did this time.

I have trouble even calling this a DIY because it's so simple.  

I started with this table top.  It's only $9 and it's the perfect size.
Then I purchased this table.  I could have just bought the hairpin legs from Etsy but I found it cheaper to just buy the table and use the legs.

They were fine "as is" but I wanted to paint them gold.  (this is my favorite gold spray paint)  I made a template out of paper to make sure I screwed the legs in the same place in each corner.  I predrilled a small hole where each screw went and then screwed the screws in place. 

These chairs fit perfectly underneath.  They don't slide in all the way but enough to be out of the way.  You could also move the table to the middle of the room and have 2 chairs on either side.  They are a great height too.  Not too short for older kids, but not too tall for little ones.  

This room is a work in progress so I haven't had a chance to share it yet, but hopefully I will get it all finished and photographed soon!


Master Bedroom Updates

Like most of you, we are so ready for spring over here!  Thankfully our winters aren't bad at all, but we've had a few teases of spring and we are ready for it to come back for good.  With the warmer weather approaching, I thought it would be nice to add a few touches of spring to our bedroom.  I like to change things up with the seasons to make things feel fresh.

I actually only did a few things to this space to make it feel new again.  I changed out the fur pillows for something a little lighter.  I made this pillow out of a body pillow I found for here for around $10.  You can buy lots of premade covers for them too if sewing isn't your thing.  It's a really affordable option for an extra large pillow.  The material I used is actually a thrifted curtain panel.  It was one of the new items Goodwill gets from Target from time to time.  I think it would look great on a sofa too!  Side note, I love using curtain panels for all sorts of things.  They are great for making pillows and I even use the longer ones as tablecloths. 

I also switched out the duvet cover for something a little more spring-y.  I found this one at H&M last year, but it is no longer available.  (This one is similar)  I really like their home stuff.  It's on trend and affordable.  

I also added the juju hat above the bed.  The shop I purchased it from is no longer in business, but there are lots of other options here.   I've always loved them so my husband got me one last year as an anniversary/birthday present.  I love the texture it adds.  

When we first moved in I was excited about the thought of having a chandelier in our bedroom.  We had had a ceiling fan in our previous bedroom and it was functional, but not anything special.  We had a chandelier in this room for a while and I liked it, but eventually the functionality of a ceiling fan won out and we installed this one last year.  Ceiling fans have come a long way in the last few years and there are lots of great, modern options out there.  

*This post contains affiliate links.  I earn a small commission, at no cost to you, when you purchase the items mentioned in this post.  I only share things that I love and think you will too!
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