Free Botanical Prints

I have always been drawn to botanical prints.  I love the earthy touch they add.  There are so many great options out there too and lots of them are free!  I was searching for some new prints for my office and came across these from The Painted Hive.  I've seen some on other library sites, but I love that she edited them to make them all look uniform.  You can find the free printables here.  

I printed them out at the UPS store.  I think it was around ten dollars for eight prints and they have coupons out all the time.  It's my favorite way to print things like this.  I'm sure you could do the same at any office supply store too.

I also highly recommend the Biodiversity Library for free prints.  I can easily spend several hours on their site getting lost in all the unique prints.  It's basically a library of old scanned books and they are all free to download and print.  I printed these animal prints for my son's room from there.  You can out more about these prints here

Do you have a favorite source for affordable art?  I love changing things out in my home and when it's practically free to do it it's a no brainer!

Trash Closet Makeover

It probably sounds silly to give your trash closet a makeover, but the walls were looking so bad that I had to do something about it.  In our last house I painted the walls of our trash closet with eggshell finish black paint and that worked really well too.  It made the walls wipeable and the dark paint hid any stains.  

This time around I wanted to do something a little more fun.  I found this removable wallpaper at Michaels in the clearance section.  I looked online and it looks like they don't sell it anymore, but there are so many great removable wallpapers out there.  Target has some really cute options.  

I had to take down the wire shelf to put up the wallpaper because it would have been a pain to work around.  It was a fairly easy process.  The hardest part was working in such a small space and trying to get the pattern to match up.  

I also added a few hooks.  I used these and they work great.  I was a little hesitant to put holes in the paper, but I don't think I'll have any need to move them so it's not a big deal.  

I also added these baskets to the shelf to store trash bags, light bulbs, and other miscellaneous things.  They fit perfectly and come in lots of different colors.  We zip tied the white baskets to the wire shelving to hold extra vacuum attachments and other cleaning items.  

We also had an electrician add an outlet so we can keep our rechargeable vacuum in here too.  

This was one of those things that was on my to do list for a while and I'm so glad I finally did it.  It not only made it look better, but it's so much more functional now too!    


Industrial Home Decor

I'm in Denver, CO this week with my husband and while he's in meetings all day I've had fun exploring this beautiful city.  There are so many beautiful design and architectural elements all around.   I stopped in Union Station to people watch and get some work done and couldn't help but notice all the cool architecture around me.  I thought it would be fun to extract elements from the space and see how they would translate into a industrial home moodboard.

I'm really drawn to all the great textures in this space: wood, iron, velvet, nailheads, mixed metals.

And for fun, here's a design board of how I would incorporate these elements into home design.  

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if any of the items are purchased through the links above.  As always I only share things that I love and think you will too!  


Flush Mount Lighting

I recently gave our laundry room a little budget friendly facelift, more on that to come.  In the process I came across several budget friendly flush mount lights.  It really is amazing how far they have come and how many affordable options there are.  All of these are under $100 and several of them are under $50!  Lighting will always be one of my favorite ways to customize any space.  

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9              

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission from some of the items mentioned in this post.  As always I only share things that I love and think you would too!


Linear Lantern Sale

When we upgraded to a larger dining table, the existing light started to feel a little small.  I haven't been in any rush to change it, but I've been keeping an eye out for something that might work better.  I was also hoping to find something that might provide more contrast with the table/chairs/rug. 

This is how it looks currently.

I saw that World Market was having a pretty big sale and decided to see if they had any good deals.  I  came across this light and immediately thought of our kitchen dining area.  It's already half price, but I had an additional 30% off coupon that I got in the mail which makes it a steal!  I've had good luck with World Market lights in the past so I'm hoping this will be a good fit.  I'm not sure if I will keep it brass or spray paint it a matte black.  Either way I think it will still fill the space without obstructing the view to the living room, which is something I was worried about.  I will probably end up selling our existing light which should more than cover the cost of this new light and it should be a better fit.  It's a win win! 

What do you guys think?  I'll definitely update you when it comes in!

*This post contains affiliate links.  As always, I only share things that I love and think you will too!  Thank you for your support!


DIY painted piano

I haven't been thrifting as much over the past few years, so occasionally I'll put my mom on the lookout for things.  She has a great eye and is the ultimate queen of deals.  She spotted this piano at Goodwill and thought I might like it.  It was a steal and the sound was great, the finish however needed some work but I knew that would be a fairly easy fix.  My dad kindly picked it up for me with his truck and delivered it to our house.  It is super heavy, so my husband and a few of the neighbors loaded it into the house.

I would have preferred to paint it out in the garage, but I knew that once we got it in the house it was staying put.  It was too heavy to move in and out.  So with that in mind, I lightly sanded the piano in the house, making sure not to create a lot of dust.  Then I wiped the whole thing down with thieves cleaner.  It was covered with stickers.  Next, I painted it white with a paint plus primer combo I picked up at Lowes.  I normally would have preferred to use an oil based primer and then paint it with a few coats of latex paint, but since it was indoors I was trying to avoid fumes.

Since I didn't use a primer, and I was going over a darker stained finish, it did take several coats.  I'm pleased to say it's held up quite well though and let me assure you it takes quite a bit of abuse.  In face last week I found it covered it crayon marks.  A quick wipe down with a magic eraser took care of it and now it looks good as new.  

Side note, after it was painted we had it tuned.  The whole time the guy was tuning it, he kept talking about how paint had dripped between some of the pieces and the person who was painting it must have known nothing about pianos.  I about died.  So maybe be a little more careful than I was if you give it a try.  I will say that he just peeled off the paint so no harm done. 

And because they are my favorite flower, I have to show my peonies I picked up from Trader Joes.  I wish I could make them last forever!  I mixed them with some eucalyptus to fill up the vase more.

I've also heard that chalk paint works well for this type of project.  So it might be worth trying that too!  Nesting with Grace has a great tutorial if you want to give that option a try.  


How to Hang Art on Siding

Our back patio had a large open area that felt like it needed something.  I wanted to hang my DIY outdoor art there to fill it in and add some interest, but was hesitant because I didn't want to damage the siding.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found these hooks on amazon.  They slip right under the edge of the siding and leave no damage.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but so far so good.  I've had it hanging this way for a few weeks and we've had some decently strong winds and it hasn't budged.  I wouldn't hang anything too heavy on them though.

  It looks like it's resting on the table in this picture, but it's not.  I just didn't want to go up to the next row of siding because it felt like it was hanging too high, sort of like high water pants. :) 

I bought these garden stools from a neighbor for $20. (for the pair)  If you've ever shopped for them you know they can be pricey, so I was excited to find them for that.  I'm still debating on painting them.  The finish isn't perfect, but I don't think anyone would notice and they are outdoor stools so I'm no super worried about it.

Have you tried hanging anything on siding before?  Let us know how it worked for you!