DIY marbled paper

Thank you all for all your kind words on my DIY sputnik chandelier.  It really was so fun to create and I'm loving the end result.  I haven't shared one of the best parts about it yet though, the shadows it casts at night!  They are so neat, here's a little peek.

If you missed this makeover, you can find the DIY here.

I also wanted to share another project I recently completed for ehow.  Have you ever tried marbling paper?  I've always wanted to give it a shot, but I thought it would be really complicated or involve a lot of hazardous chemicals.  I'm happy to say that it is neither of those things and you can make it in an afternoon.  If you have little ones they would love it too.  It's super easy and the results are amazing!  I'm actually kind of addicted to it and want to cover everything in marbled paper!

You can find the tutorial here.  


DIY ruler growth chart

This project has been on my bucket list for a while.  I know a lot of people have created variations of this, but I wanted to make one for our own home so that I could keep track of my daughter's growth and hopefully pass it down for generations to come.  I just think there's something special about something like this that can hold a lot of memories.  It's a DIY ruler growth chart.  If we end up moving one day I'l be able to take it with me and continue marking away, instead of just marking on the wall and leaving those memories behind.    

Hop on over to Ehow for the tutorial!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Simple Summer Art

I've always loved the look of succulents.  They are so pretty, unusual and amazingly resilient.  Some more than others, but I've been able to manage keeping a few alive so far this summer and that's a pretty big accomplishment for a black thumb like me.  I always swing through the garden section while I'm making my weekly rounds at Lowe's or Home Depot to check and see if they have any discounted plants.  While I was there, I snapped a few pictures of some of the succulents they had.  They were just so pretty.  I didn't have my "real" camera, so I just used my phone.  Then, I printed one out at a local photo lab and popped it in a thrifted frame.  Easy artwork that cost me next to nothing!

I don't really have much of a blue and white ceramic collection, but I'm slowly gathering them as I see them at thrift stores.  I couldn't resist this one when I saw it for $3.99 a few weeks ago!

I have some plans for this little corner fireplace wall to breathe a little life into it and make it feel less dark and shadowy.  So wish me luck!  


Stylish Flush Mount Lighting

Hey!  Hope you all had a good weekend!  We did a ton of yard work on Saturday, mostly just planting new things and trying to keep everything else alive in the 100 degree weather we've been having.  I seriously don't remember it being this hot this soon before.  Thankfully we have a neighborhood pool to cool us off!  We also ended the weekend with a Father's Day treat of ice cream for dinner last night, so I guess that's another bonus of warmer weather. :)

If you have 8 foot ceilings, or lower, anywhere in your home chances are you'll need some sort of flush mount lighting.  I've searched high and low and found some pretty stylish options.  I'm sharing them over on Houzz.  Here's a peek of some of the pretty ones I found.

Head on over to see the rest, as well as all the sources!


DIY chalkboard "wreath"

I've been wanting to change up our front door "wreath" for a while now.  I say "wreath" because what we currently have is this.  It's my interpretation of a wreath. :)  You find the details for how to make this here.  

I really wanted to just utilize things we already had hanging around.  So, I started with a piece of plywood and an old frame.  I cut the plywood down to the same size as the opening in the frame.  In this case it was 11" x 14".  Then I gave it a coat of chalkboard paint and freshened up the frame with some gold spray paint.  

Once everything dried, I ran a thin line of hot glue around the inside edge of the frame and popped the plywood into place.

In leui of a traditional bow, I used some gold polka dot ribbon (from Hobby Lobby) and made a ruffle-like pattern in the corner.  I used hot glue here to hold the ribbon in place as well.  

Then I added a few faux succulents in the corner for something fun.  

I love the versatility of it too.  You can change the message up for birthdays, holidays, or even to welcome guests.  And don't judge my chalk lettering, it's a work in progress!


DIY sputnik chandelier

The other day I mentioned that I was working on a little makeover for this IKEA MASKROS pendant lamp.  I've loved Sputnik chandeliers for the longest time and I honestly think they will be a classic for a while, even though they are trendy right now.  An interesting light fixture can completely transform the look of a room and even act as a piece of art.  This makeover was inspired by this DIY sputnik chandelier by Little Green Notebook.  As soon as I saw hers I thought it was genius and filed it away for a someday project.  I did make a few changes to make it my own so I'll share those with you.

Here's a reminder of what the IKEA MASKROS looks like.

I used the smaller size and it fits perfectly in our space.  The larger one is pretty massive.  

So to start, I spray painted everything gold using design master antique gold.  I highly recommend this gold if you haven't tried it yet.  Then, I found these tiny little dessert cups on Amazon. (you can find them here)  They were exactly what I was looking for.    

I wasn't crazy about the little recycle sign and other words on the plastic so I needed to find a way to cover those things up.  I tried Rub 'n Buff and some gold acrylic paint, but it would have required at least two coats and was a little time consuming.  So I pulled out my Silhouette machine and had it cut small circles from gold vinyl.  They ended up working perfectly.  I think the paint would work well too, it would just be a little more time consuming.  

  I used some hot glue on the bottom of each cup to adhere them to the light fixture.  I left the white paper flowers off for now, but I may add them back later, I'm still undecided on that.  

I'm so happy with how it turned out.  It makes the room feel so much more finished and it's definitely a conversation piece!

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission if you purchase items through the links above.  I only recommend items I use and love!  Thank you for your support!


DIY photo tile coasters

If you all are anything like me, you probably have hundreds of photos on your phone that you never get around to printing.  I wanted to do something about that and to find a way to display more family photos around our home.  These DIY photo tile coasters are really simple to make and they are great for gifts!  In fact I gave a set to my mother in law for mother's day and she loved them.    

Head on over to ehow for the full tutorial!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!