Moodboard Monday - Home Decor Accessories

For today's Moodboard Monday I'm sharing some home decor accessories that are staples in my decor.  These are the things I reach for often when styling a bookshelf or accessorizing a room. 

1.  Bookends - Bookends are great for books of course, but they also add some great textural dimension.  They're perfect for bookcases, but work well on any surface that you're using books.

2.  Urchins - I've had these urchins in my house for a few years now and I use them all the time.  They get moved around often because they work in pretty much any room.  I like using them on top of a stack of books or when I need something to fill a small space.

3.  Wood Bowl - Bowls are great for filling with seasonal items (pinecones, pumpkins, etc.) or even something like remote controls or keys in the entryway.  I like to keep my eye out for these when thrifting too!

4.  Coasters - These are both functional and pretty.  

5.  Wood Sculpture - I really love the look of this piece.  I think it would be especially pretty on top of a dresser or nightstand, layered in front of a few frames or on top of some large books.

6.  Plant - I like using a lot of real plants, but they've come a long way with fake ones too.  These are especially great for spots that don't get much natural light.

7.  Gold & Black Frames - I love the look of layered frames.  They really help fill in the back of a bookshelf or open shelving.  I used similar ones on my kitchen shelves.

8.  Boxes - Stacked boxes are great for storage (perfect for remotes on a coffee table) and help add in some horizontal dimension.   

Do you have any favorite "go to" accessories?  

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Large DIY Tassel Pillow

Evidently I have a thing for tassels lately because they seem to be popping up everywhere in my house!  I started with my tassel drawer pulls, then my vase with curtain tieback tassels, and now this large DIY tassel pillow.  

I added this body pillow to our bed a few months ago because I liked the simplicity of having one large pillow vs. several smaller ones.  There was only one problem with it, there aren't any cute cases for it.  Most of the ones I found were either flimsy or furry.  I guess since it's meant to be slept with, the cases need to be comfortable.  So when I can't find what I'm looking for I DIY it!

I've already made one DIY pillow cover for it, you can see that here.  But I wanted something with a little more texture for the upcoming season change.  Something about fall just screams texture to me. 

Here is my inspiration pillow.

It's actually a great pillow if you are looking for something a little smaller than mine and it comes in a few different colors.  

I started by picking out the tassel trim and fringe trim from Hobby Lobby.  It's on sale this week too!  I bought 4 yards of each and had some to spare.  I also bought some cream canvas fabric to make the pillow itself.

I cut out the fabric for my pillow and sewed a zipper on one end.  You can also do an envelop closure on the back, whatever you prefer.  I cut my fabric a few inches smaller than a normal body pillow cover because I wanted it to fit snugly and be nice and full.    Then I laid it out on the table and played around with the trim to see how I wanted it laid out.

I thought about just sewing the trim on at this point, but I decided to glue it in place first to help keep things secure.  Trim tends to slide around, at least for me, when I'm sewing it and I didn't want crooked pieces of trim.

You can use any type of fabric glue, this is just what I had on hand.

I laid out a measuring tape at the top of my fabric to make sure I was keeping an equal distance between my trim pieces.  Then I just glued each one in place.  After the glue dried I sewed each one in place as well.  You could probably skip this step, but this pillow tends to get used for a gymnastics mat and pillow fights quite often so I wanted to make sure everything was good and secure. :)

After all the trim was in place, I put the right sides together and sewed around the edges to make the pillow.  If you don't have a sewing machine I think you could create a similar look by using fabric glue to adhere the trim to a premade cover.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and think it adds just the right amount of texture that I was looking for!

I'm planning to switch out the duvet and euro covers with some I have stashed away to create a little more contrast and warmth for the season.  I'll be sharing those changes soon!


Fall Living Room Update

I don't typically do a ton of fall decorating, but I do like to change a few things out to create a more cozy vibe.  I typically learn towards darker, warmer colors this time of year.  In my living room I kept things simple, by adding in some new pillow covers, fresh greenery, and some new art.  It was easy and inexpensive and the room looks and feels a lot more like fall to me.

I wanted to change up our mantle art for something a little more fall-ish so I grabbed this DIY abstract art from our bathroom and purchased this tree stump art to go in a thrifted frame.  I would love to incorporate this print in a larger scale somewhere else in our home too!

I added some curtain tieback tassels to this vase I've had for forever and it really helped dress it up a bit.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby and was able to use the 40% off coupon too.  These would also be fun!  Or if you're in a DIYing mood I think these are so neat!


This side of the room pretty much stayed the same, but our leather pillows add a good bit of warmth.

I added a few of these camel colored pillow covers (less than $6!) and a few of these striped pillow covers (also less than $6!) and it made such a difference!  It really is amazing how changing such a small thing can make such a big difference.

I'll likely add in some white pumpkins once they start showing up in the stores and it gets a little closer to fall, but for now this was just the change I needed to get my excited for the new season.  Have you started decorating yet or is it still too early for you?

For more info on this room and all the sources, you can check out this post!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase some of the items listed in this post.  As always I only share things that I love and think you will too!


Moodboard Monday - Laundry Room

The laundry room is one of those rooms that often gets forgotten about when it comes to decorating and understandably so.  It's not exactly the most exciting room in the house, but with a few small additions it can be both functional and beautiful.  Even if you only have a small area for laundry, and not a whole room, you can still add a few pretty, decorative touches.  

1. Faux Succulent - I love using real plants whenever I can, but sometimes you just need a good no maintenance plant to add some green to a space.  A laundry room is a good place to go faux because a lot of times you don't have natural light for a real plant.  I love that this one looks so realistic too.

2.  Flush Mount Light - This light has a very low profile so it can be used in most rooms, even those with lower ceilings.  I like the modern look of it too.

3.  Laundry Basket - A pretty laundry basket like this is a big upgrade from the plastic ones most of us are used to.  I like that it has a liner that can be washed too.

4.  Open Shelving - Open shelving is great for extra storage in a laundry room and also acts as a nice spot to add some decorative touches.  It also comes in a two shelf option if you don't have space for three shelves.  It would be great for open shelving in a kitchen too!

5.  Persian Runner - A Persian runner looks great in pretty much any space, including laundry rooms.  I like that this one is fairly neutral and affordable.

6.  Glass Jars - I love using glass containers in laundry rooms for things like powdered laundry detergent or even wool dryer balls.  

7.  Wool Dryer Balls - Speaking of wool dryer balls, we use them all the time and love them!  I usually add a few drops of essential oil to them to make things smell good too!

8.  Ironing Board Cover - Sometimes it takes just a simple thing like updating your ironing board cover to make a difference in the feel of your space.  I like that this one has a neutral, organic feel to it.  We actually just started using one of these instead of a regular ironing board.  I found mine at Aldi of all places and it has been great, especially for ironing smaller things.

I actually just finished a little mini makeover on our laundry room a few months ago and will hopefully be sharing it soon.  Taking the pictures always takes me the longest!  

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase some of the items listed in this post.  As always I only share things that I love and think you will too!


Easy Houseplants/Greenery

There's something about plants and greenery that brings life to a room.  Up until a few years ago I didn't have any live plants in my house.  I had a few fake arrangements from Homegoods, but that was the extent of my green thumb.  While I'm still far from a plant expert, I've found a few that I love and have been able to successfully keep alive for longer than a few weeks!  

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig - I have actually killed a few fiddle leaf figs, but I've learned a few tips for keeping them alive.  I've had mine for several years and it's done very well.  It was my Mother's Day gift when my daughter was first born so I've been extra motivated to keep it going.  I usually give it one large cup of water once a week and otherwise I just ignore it.  I do dust the leaves when they get dusty and I've heard shining them with coconut oil is great too.  They also prefer indirect light so I keep mine near a window.  They had some recently at Walmart too for around $15.  I found mine at IKEA.  My sister actually ordered one from this company and she said the customer service was excellent.  

2. Snake Plant/Sansiveria - This is probably my most favorite houseplant.  It's so easy to keep alive.  I practically ignore it and only water it whenever I remember, which isn't very often.  I love the modern look of it too.  I found mine at Lowe's in the indoor plant section or you can order a larger version here.  I've heard they clean the air too which is a nice added bonus.

3. Aloe Vera - This one is a new favorite for me.  I also pretty much ignore this one.  I've had it about a month now and so far so good.  I also love having one of these around because it's great for burns and cuts.  

4. Fresh Eucalyptus - If you follow me on instagram (@dwellingsbydevore) you probably know this already because I talk about it often.  I love using it by itself and it's the perfect base for other arrangements too.  I love using it with baby's breath and white hydrangeas, but it mixes well with so many other flowers and adds such a nice organic touch.  I get mine at Trader Joe's and prefer the silver dollar and seeded variety.  For $2.99/bunch you can't beat it.  It smells amazing and lasts forever.

5. Asparagus Fern - I just discovered this one recently too.  I love how full this one is and how much texture it adds.  I water this one a few times a week and I've found it prefers to have some natural sunlight.  I found mine at Lowes.

I also really like using fake succulents because most of the time they look so realistic.  I know the real ones are supposed to be easy to care for, but I haven't found that to be true for me.  If you have any tips please let me know in the comments!  I'd love to hear about some of your favorite, low maintenance house plants too! 


My Five Favorite Tips for Styling Bookshelves

I'm so excited to be guest hosting today for My Five Favorites.  It's a fun series hosted each month by Jennifer from Dimples & Tangles, Lisa from Shine Your Light, and Pam from Simple Details.  This month's theme is about our five favorite tips for styling bookshelves.  Sometimes the thought of styling a bookshelf can be overwhelming, but once you get started it can be fun!  Hopefully you'll find these tips helpful!

1. Incorporate Books in a Different Way

Even if you don't have a vast collection of books, you can still easily incorporate them into your styling.  You can find cheap books at thrift stores, garage sales, and even the dollar store.  

If you have several that you want to display, arrange them by color for a more cohesive look.  A lot of times I remove the sleeve to keep things streamlined.

Or if you want a more monochromatic look, cover the books with white paper or even paint them a fun color with chalk paint.

You can even try turning your books around to display the pages of the book versus the spine.

I also like turning some of the books horizontally and leaving some vertical.  

2. Add something green

I'm all about using plants in decor.  There's something about them that just adds life to a room.  And if you aren't a green thumb, there are lots of great fake options.  If you are going to go with fake, I like to use succulents like this or this.

3. Decorate the back of the bookshelf

There are so many great removable wallpapers out right now.  They are a great way to add interest and dimension to the back of the bookshelf.  I really like this one and the ones from this company

You can find this hutch makeover here.  

4. Add some labels

I labeled pretty much everything in our pantry, partly for necessity, but also to help make it prettier to look at!

I'm not sure why, but labels just make things look better.  It adds a nice touch and also makes things more functional.  I usually make my own with this machine, but you can also print some out with your printer using a cute font, or buy an inexpensive label maker like this one that makes fun 3d labels.  These are great for labeling boxes that don't have a spot for a label.

I printed these labels out for our office.  It was really easy to do and looks so much better than just writing it out, unless you have beautiful handwriting, which I do not!  

5.  Mix in things that are meaningful 

Bookshelves are great for storage and organization, but it's nice to break up some of the more functional items with things that are pretty and meaningful.  

Our office shelves are mainly for function.  They store lots of my DIY stuff and some other things like my printer and important documents.  Including some meaningful items helps add interest and allows us to display things that are important to us without giving up the functionality.    We bought that green wooden box on our honeymoon and I love having it in here.  It helps break up all the boxes.  And speaking of boxes, if you are using boxes for storage on a bookshelf, mix them up by choosing a few different colors and sizes to keep things looking interesting.   

(You can find more info on our office here.)

Pictures or art are also great meaningful items to include.  If they don't have a stand on the back, just lean them against the back of the shelf and place a smaller heavier object in front to keep it from sliding.  I like layering a few frames in front of each other too.

See more of this room here.

This bookshelf was actually a free Craigslist find and it fits perfectly in our master bedroom!

Do you have any tips for styling bookshelves?  I'd love to hear them!  Be sure to visit Simple Details, Dimples & Tangles, and Shine Your Light for some more great tips!


Moodboard Monday - Outdoor Entertaining

For me, September signifies the beginning of fall.  The weather may not be on board, but it still has me excited for the upcoming fall season.  We don't use our outdoor space a ton in the summer, because it's just too hot to really enjoy it, but we really like to be out there as much as possible in the fall.  So for today's moodboard Monday, I'm rounding up some items I think would be fun for fall outdoor entertaining.  

1. Disposable Plates - I love these disposable mudcloth plates, they are super affordable and look cuter than a lot of disposable tableware.  

2.  Disposable Hot Cups - These would be perfect for hot chocolate or coffee at a party.  This is our favorite hot chocolate (and is refined sugar free too.)  

3. Cutting Board - I've been so inspired by all the fun chartreuse boards lately on social media.  I think this cutting board would be a great foundation for one.   

4.  Gold Flatware - These are super affordable and take plastic flatware to a whole new level.

5.  Roasting Sticks - Super cute and great for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

6.  Galvanized Box - I have been wanting to make a s'mores kit ever since I saw the idea on Nesting With Grace.  I think this box would be perfect for it.  Basically it's a box for all your s'mores supplies (chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, etc.)  I might even do these for teacher gifts at Christmas.  

7.  Rechargeable Diffuser - We try to avoid candles as much as possible and diffuse essential oils instead.  We love diffusing citronella and lemongrass oil when we are outdoors, but it can be a pain dragging the diffuser outside and trying to find a plug.  I love that this one is portable and rechargeable.

8.  Gold Straws - I've been looking for some reusable stainless steel straws and love that these are gold!  They got great reviews too.

9.  Tassel Throw -  A good cozy throw is always a great addition to your outdoor space for entertaining.

10.  Outdoor Lights - We don't really have a spot to hang lights like these, but I just love the ambiance they create.

What are your favorites for outdoor entertaining?

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase some of the items listed in this post.  As always I only share things that I love and think you will too!