DIY Tassel Teepee

Teepees are all the rage these days and are popping up in nearly every playroom around the web.  I knew I wanted to jump on that train and add one to my daughter's bedroom.  I would have loved to have my own little hideaway like this when I was a kid so I knew she would love it too.  I contemplated making one from scratch, but I found this one on Amazon for a reasonable price.  The price is higher now, but I purchased it right before Christmas and ended up being around $50.  

It felt a little plain to me and I wanted to do something to dress it up.  I thought about adding some pom pom trim, but I had already added it to some pillows in her room and didn't want to go crazy with pom poms everywhere.  So I decided to add some giant tassels.  I found the tutorials for these on my sweet friend Jennifer's blog and just knew they would be the perfect finishing touch.  I've made poms poms before and these were even easier than that!  I turned on one of my favorite chick flicks (While You Were Sleeping) and had all nine finished before it was over.  Head to her blog and check out the tutorial here

I just hand stitched them to the teepee and can easily remove them down the road if need be.  

They are actually kind of addicting to make and I'm starting to want to put a tassel on everything around here!  


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