Simple Fall Wreath

We've had a few chilly mornings lately and it has given me the motivation I needed to add a little fall decor to our home.  It all started with this letter I found at Michaels.  They are $6.99 and you can also use the 40% off coupon, so not a bad deal at all.  I really wanted to turn it into a front door "wreath" by covering it with moss and a few fall embellishments.  It was really simple to do and took hardly any time at all.

First I painted the edges green since the moss wouldn't be covering them. 

Then I used a roll of moss to cover the front of the letter.  You could really use any type of moss, but the roll worked really well and gave it a nice uniform look.  I found the roll at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon.  One roll is plenty to do two "wreaths" so you could do this with a friend or make a second one for a gift.  

I laid the letter face down and traced the outline with a marker.

Then I cut off the excess.

Next I liberally applied glue to the backside of the moss.  I used this glue and it worked great.

Then I laid the letter on top of the moss and allowed it to thoroughly dry.  

You could just leave it like this or even add a nice bow, but I added a few embellishments to make it feel more fall-ish.  The leaves are from the Dollar Tree and I can't remember where I found I found the acorns.  I just happened to find them in my fall stash.

Our porch is pretty well covered so I think it will hold up pretty well, but if yours isn't you could definitely use it inside too!

Also the Blogger Stylin Home Tours kick off today with Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co.  I'll be sharing my tour on Thursday!


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