Bamboo Dresser

Do you have that one piece of furniture that you are always keeping an eye out for?  Hoping that maybe you'll happen to be in the right place at the right time and scoop it up?  For me I was always looking for bamboo furniture.  And I never ever see it anywhere.  I've seen some on Craigslist, but they are always asking a fortune for it.  Well, this week I happened to find a beautiful bamboo dresser at Goodwill and it was only $50!  I couldn't grab that tag fast enough.  I really wasn't sure where it would go initially, but I knew I could find a spot for it, even if it meant giving something else the boot.  

My dad graciously picked it up for me with his truck and we maneuvered it into the entryway.  I was so hoping that it would fit here and it ended up being a great fit.  I always felt like the table that was here previously was a little dinky for the space and I now I realize that was definitely the case.

I've thought about painting it, but I really love the warmth and grain of the wood.  And I didn't want it to compete with my green hutch that is directly across the hall from this.  It definitely needed a little love though so I cleaned it up really well and spray painted the hardware.  Eventually that might change, but I wanted it to look nice in the meantime.  I still need to retouch a few spots, but for now I'm ok with it.    

I've found a few other great deals that I'll share in the next week or so.  If you follow me on instagram (@dwellingsbydevore) then you already saw the other great piece I found!  Next on my list is some great chairs for my dining room!


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