Tiered Serving Tray - 3 Ways

I shared this DIY rustic serving tray a while back when I created it for Ehow and I wanted to share a few different ways that you could use one in your home.  For me, I tend to use serving trays like this a few times a year when we have special occasions or get togethers, but I wanted to focus on ways I could use something like this all year round.  Here's how I originally styled it.  It works great as a dessert serving tray.  In fact, I'm really excited to use it for s'mores this fall.

It would also work really great as a kitchen caddy.  I love keeping pretty things out that I use frequently so I can easily access them.  

And lastly it makes a perfect office caddy.  It's nice to have supplies that I use frequently in arms reach, instead of rummaging through all the desk drawers to try to find things.  

And if you want to see how to make a tiered server like this one, you can check out my post on Ehow!  


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