DIY Owl Lamp

I've said it before, but you really can make a lamp out of pretty much anything.  I came across this owl statue at Goodwill and immediately thought it would make a great lamp base.  It reminded me of this one.  

 I shared the tutorial for how to drill through ceramic here.  Click here for more detailed instructions.  Basically I used a diamond drill bit and drilled slowly through the top and side of the owl, spraying the surface with water frequently as I went.

Once I had the two holes drilled, I threaded my wire through the side and then up through the top.  I had to get a little creative when it came to getting the wire through the top.  I taped two straws together and used that to guide the wire through the hole in the top.  

Once that was done, I connected the wires to the socket and put the top portion together.  This post goes into more detail about how to put the socket portion together.  You can either take an old lamp apart and use the socket portion from that or you can buy a lamp kit at most hardware stores.

Once that was done, I used some E6000 glue to adhere the socket to the top of the owl.  I let it dry for a few days and then added a lampshade.  

This was a really easy and inexpensive project and I think it adds a unique and whimsical touch to our playroom.

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