DIY Lamp Revamp

I used to have a thing for making lamps and I think that passion has been reignited with this recent project.  They really are just so easy to make and you can customize them any way you want.  I think that's the fun of it.  It's kind of like putting a puzzle together, which is sort of therapeutic for me.  

I started out with this lamp.  There wasn't really anything wrong with it, but it was really tall and there were several pieces missing on it.  It was supposed to have crystals hanging off of portions of it and the base originally had finials, but one of them was missing.  

Obviously make sure everything is unplugged before you start!  Start by removing the socket.  If it's a metal socket you might need to use a flat head screwdriver to pry it off.  If it's plastic, you can usually just screw the top portion off.    Once that portion is off, you'll notice two screws with wires wrapped around them.  Unscrew them and remove the wires.  

The bottom of the lamp will usually have some sort of nut holding everything in place.  Unscrew that and pull the wire out.  Then start disassembling everything.  Most lamps are just threaded on one long rod, so you can just slide everything off.  

After your lamp is disassembled you can assemble a new lamp using the same process in reverse order.  Basically just use the rod that you started with, or a smaller one if you want to make the lamp shorter.  You can find all sorts of lamp parts and pieces in the lighting section at Lowes or Home Depot.  So if you are missing something or want to add anything, check there.  Then thread whatever you want to onto the rod.  I used some lamp parts my father in law gave me and some of the original parts of the lamp, but you can pretty much use anything with a hole in the center.  For the base I actually used the bottom of one of those brass candlesticks that you see at thrift stores all the time.  Like I said, you really can use pretty much anything!  Play around with the arrangement until you get it how you want it.  Here's a picture from before I spray painted it.    

I took it apart and spray painted all the metal parts gold.  (Design Master Antique Gold)  Then I threaded everything back onto the rod and screwed the socket back on top.  

And since we are dealing with electricity, I feel like I need to say I'm not an electrician so please use your own judgement and common sense when doing this project!  


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