Gold Fan

I love projects that are quick, easy, & inexpensive and I have one of those for you today!  It involves a can of gold spray paint, which is one of my favorite ways to transform something.  It dries quickly and the results are almost immediate.

We've used a fan in my daughter's room since she was born and so when it finally bit the dust a few months ago, I wasn't surprised.  I searched for something that was a bit more glamorous than a typical fan, but came up empty handed.  I actually couldn't find a single gold fan, at least in my budget.  So I picked this one up from Target.  I loved the compact size, but the gray felt a little too industrial to me.  

I started by taking it apart.

The process may be a little different, depending on your fan, but basically just look for the screws and start unscrewing them.

Then I spray painted the outer shell Design Master Brilliant Gold.

After it dried, I put it back together.  It's amazing what a difference it made.  Now it feels more like an accessory instead of an eye sore.  

This was one of those little projects that has been hanging over my head for a while.  I'm so glad I finally just took a few minutes to get it done!

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