Affordable Gold Ring Pulls

A while back I shared this source for some affordable gold ring pulls.  I love the classic look of a good ring pull and the fact that they go with pretty much any type of furniture.  I also like that they feel a little more weighty than a knob and fill up the space a little better.  So, I was really sad to learn that my favorite $0.99 ring pulls are no longer available. (at least from the source I had originally found)

But I needed to find an affordable solution to fix this problem.

I'm normally a huge fan of Hobby Lobby knobs because they are affordable and the selection is great, but they failed me this time.  I used some on this dresser when I gave it a makeover a while back.  They looked fine for a while, but then they just started randomly popping off.  I tried superglue and a few other strong glues, but nothing seemed to hold for long.  So I knew it was time to try something different.    

I did a google search to see if I could find another affordable ring pull and ended up not being able to find much in my price range.  Granted I was looking for something really inexpensive.  Then, I turned to ebay and to my surprise found these ring pulls for a really great deal!  I bought them when they were having a sale so they ended up being around $1 each and they had free shipping!  I crossed my fingers and hoped they were as good as they seemed. 

When I got them they seemed a little smaller than I had anticipated, but other than that they are great!  I love the way they work on my daughter's dresser and think they would work great for a Rast hack too!

I also checked ebay when I was looking for pulls for my sister's room makeover.  I found these pulls for a great deal too!

Do you have a great source for ring pulls?  I'd love to hear about it!


Dwellings by DeVore said...

You are so good at finding amazing deals. I bought 30 of the last pulls and have only used 12 of them so far. I was way too excited to reason with myself. I'm not buying 30 this time though but I love those other ring pulls too.

Dwellings by DeVore said...

i bought some a while back from lee valley hardware but they are definitely pricier than yours! thanks for sharing your sources!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

You always find the best hardware! Thanks for sharing.

Dwellings by DeVore said...

Great find Bethany!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

Rats! I just filed your earlier source away thinking I'd order some cheap pulls someday...glad your found another option! They look so beautiful on the dresser, and I think they're actually better than the crystal knobs!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

They're so pretty!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

I'm with you - love a ring pull. And, I mean, $1?! How could you say no to that?

Dwellings by DeVore said...

I love these and the dress is gorgeous too!

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