The secret is out that spoonflower now offers wallpaper that you can design yourself and that's easily removable.  I think it's a brilliant idea.  I would love to try this somewhere in my home.  Maybe on a focal wall?  Have any of you tried it yet?

Here are just a few bold patterns that I'm loving that would be great in small doses.  I'm on a black and white kick so you'll notice a theme going on here.

I would love to try my hand at designing my own.  I'll let you know how it goes if I attempt it.  


Elizabeth said...

I love black and white patterns as well. One warning about printing B&W through Spoonflower-- with their printing methods, they don't get a true black. It's closer to a slate gray. It reads as black in multicolored patterns but in just B&W it's pretty obvious. It's enough of an issue that they mention it in their FAQs.

Mrs. DeVore said...

Thank you so much for the info, that's good to know.

Julia Konya said...

I love black and white too. Spoonflower is awesome. Did you see the great giveaway they have right now? I'd love to give the wall paper a try myself.

Mrs. DeVore said...

I didn't see that Julia, I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up!

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