Layered lighting

I couldn't let the old shade from my dining room light go to waste so I found a new place to use it in my  home.  I love the capiz shell chandelier in my kitchen nook, but it always felt a little small for the space.    You can read my original post about it here where I found it on craigslist and actually layered two lights together to make it fuller.  Anyways, on to the new light.  So once I removed the shade from the dining light I decided to add it to the kitchen light to make it a little more substantial and interesting.  It fit perfectly and definitely makes it look better in there.  I love it when I'm able to reuse things in my home in a different way.  

Here is what it looked like before (this is an old picture so things have changed a bit in there)

and after, you'll also notice I moved the sunburst mirror from the living room into this room.  It fits much better in this space and doesn't get lost on the wall.  The botanical prints made their way on over to my mom's house where she'll be using them for her guest room.

I updated this area a little bit with $5 horsehead and a few other thrifted accessories.  

This little fu dog is one of my favorite parts, don't ask me why I like these things.  I know a lot of people probably think they are little scary, but the gold spraypaint makes him a little friendlier looking to me.

as for how I did it, I just slipped it over the top as you can see in this ariel view.  Don't mind the dust, just keeping it real.  You can add a drum shade to pretty much any chandelier.  I did it for my entryway chandeliers too.  


Sadie + Stella said...

Looks fabulous sweets!! Hope you are well!

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

Wow, looks stunning! You are so TALENTED!
I love foo dogs too and I don't think they are scary at all ;)

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