Capiz Chandelier

I told you a while ago that I found my own capiz shell chandelier on craigslist. Well, I have finally gotten it up and taken some pictures of it so I thought I would share them. I actually bought two separate Chandeliers and put them together to make a fuller, larger chandelier. One of the things I liked so much about the higher end ones, was the fact that they were so full. I can't believe these were both listed at the same time and I was able to get them both.

This is the first one, originally purchased from West Elm. I got it for $40 and that included the light kit.

Then, I found this one for $10! It did not come with a light kit but I didn't need one because the other one included it. So I just layered them one on top of the other, which was quite noisy, but surprisingly they didn't get too tangled.


and here it is in my kitchen area...Ironically it is hard to get the lighting right when taking a picture of a light. This first one is without the flash....

and here is one with the flash...I'm happy with how it turned out and it gives that area a more elegant feeling.  It actually looks a little larger in person and for $50, I think it's a great deal!


Anny said...

WOW the stars really aligned for this one! It looks gorgeous :D

Dwellings by DeVore said...

Thank you! I can't believe how it all came together...

Raks said...

I have the capiz I bought when I had my vacation in manila. It's a square one but no light kit. Can you recommend what kind of light kit I should use.

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