Rugs USA and an update

I've slowly started the babyproofing process around our home.  One of the things that hadn't occurred to me before was how un-baby friendly our shag rug was.  I love the look and feel of it and the texture it added but the truth is it shed a ton.  Even after having it for four years, it still shed everywhere.  With our little one trying to learn to crawl she was constantly grabbing handfuls of fuzz and of course trying to put them in her mouth.  So, all of that to say, it was time for a new rug.  We sold the other one on craigslist and the wonderful folks at Rugs USA allowed me to do a review on one of their awesome rugs.  I've used Rugs USA a lot for design clients with great success.  The people at Rugs USA were great to work with and the shipping was super fast.  After much deliberation, I chose the Edison Rug in Cocoa.  I wanted to keep things neutral in our living room but lighten it up a little.  It's amazing how much it brightens up the room!  

Here's how the room looked before with the old shag rug.

I love the geometric pattern and texture variation between the darker and lighter areas.  We've already had a few little spills and they have cleaned up really well, something I wasn't expecting, but it's a great asset especially when there are little ones around.  

I'm very pleased with the rug and would definitely order from Rugs USA again.  The prices are great too, especially for the quality.  They are constantly running sales as well for even greater discounts.  For more inspiration check them out on PinterestTwitter, and Facebook.

You may also notice that we got rid of the glass coffee table.  That was just an accident waiting to happen so we went ahead and craigslisted that as well.  I searched for a long time for the "perfect" ottoman for this space.  I didn't want to spend a fortune, but I wanted something that looked nice and had good storage.  I also wanted it to be wipeable for the spills that are sure to come.  This one fit the bill.  It lifts up for easy storage for things like diapers and toys and I love the nailhead trim.  I was leery to buy something like this online so I ended up purchasing it from TJ Maxx.  When I saw it I instantly knew it was the one.  I did a quick little search online though and found that they sell the same one here  in case anyone is interested.


Ordinette said...

I did the same choices with a toddler of almost two around.... I really like your new! It really brightens up your livingroom.
have a great day

Lexi said...

I absolutely love the pattern and color of that new rug -- great choice!
♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

The Jones' said...

Where did you get the chevron tray?? LOVE IT! Also, still waiting on the kitchen reveal! HAHA! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

Thank you! B. Jones, I promise it's coming! Just a few more projects to finish up in there :) The chevron tray was a DIY project, check it out here

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