Super Thrifty

My mom found this mirror for me for $1.  Can you believe it?  She is the queen of thrifting.  I wasn't loving the dated color or style so much but knew some paint would make a world of difference.

I always have such good intentions of taking step by step pictures on how to achieve this finish, but then I find myself covered in paint and stain with no free hand to snap a picture.  So, I'll just tell you how I did it because it was really easy.  First I just painted it a nice shade of gray.  After it was good and dry, I painted some dark stain on with a sponge brush and then wiped it away with a damp cloth.  Some of the paint actually ended up coming off when I wiped off the stain because I didn't wait quite long enough.  I actually like the end result though because it gave it a more weathered, distressed look.

I used the same technique on this mirror too.  Happy weekend!


Crazy Wonderful said...

I would have overlooked that mirror initially, but now it's lovely! I just love happy accidents :)

Nothing But Blue Skies... said...

Very cool! It looks great in the room!

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