Country Blue

Do you remember when this shade of country blue was popular?  along with all the hearts and geese?  Well, I ran across these two little lamps at Goodwill and loved the classic "ginger jar" shape and knew that I had the perfect lampshades at home to go with them.  They just needed a quick coat of cream spraypaint (or ivory silk to be exact)

I used a little of this to prime them first to make sure the paint would adhere to the slick glass surface.  You can get it at Lowe's for around $4.

Then painted them with this

then I added a pair of lampshades that I'd been saving for the perfect pair of lamps.  Here's one of them but they look identical.  Pardon the plastic that's still on the shades I'm taking these down to my booth and wanted to leave the plastic on to protect them.

and a random side note, my latest little Goodwill find....

I've said it a million times (and I'm sure I'll say it again) but it's always amazing what a little coat of spraypaint will do!


Ange said...

Great lamps! Did you score those shades on clearance at Target? I saw them but didn't have a room they would go in. Love your latest find, so cute! Let's hope country blue, hearts, geese and the mauve pink color don't come back into style! ;)

Dwellings by DeVore said...

Yes Ange! :) They were too good to pass up and I'm with you on the whole hearts, geese, and mauve thing for sure!

Amanda said...

love the ginger jar lamps! we had tons of them when I was growing up-so wish my mom had kept them!

Nothing But Blue Skies... said...

Awesome find, and great transformation! BTW, I just saw that exact lampshade at my goodwill 2 days ago! LOVE it! Your lamp looks marvelous, and I am digging the other little treasure that you found there as well!


malissaamorim said...

strange question but were you able to spray paint these yourself? i thought spray painting was not allowed during pregnancy...not judging just asking:)

Candi said...

Your blog inspires me so much!!!!!!

Kaylee said...

Growing up my mom filled our house with light blue and pink as well as hearts and geese! Oh man.. I'm so very glad that went out of style. I'm also happy to say her taste changed over the years.

Love your blog! I'm in the Charlotte area as well :)

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