Holiday Tables

We had an event at church about a month or so ago called "Home for the Holidays."  I'm a little late in writing this post but maybe some of these tables will inspire a Christmas table setting for you.  I was in charge of decorating one of the tables and decided to go with some decor items I already had laying around the house supplemented with a few dollar store items.  Most of the round table cloths I could find weren't log enough to drape the table the way I wanted them to so I used a flat sheet from our bed, I washed it of course :)  

Actually, now that I think about it almost all of these items came from the Dollar Tree: the plates, napkins, glasses, snowflake "chargers", etc.

and here are some of the other tables the ladies decorated...

and this one was designed by my fabulous sister

Do you do any fancy table settings for the Holidays?  

I'll be sharing the rest of my Christmas decor tomorrow!  Anybody else find it hard to take good blog pictures this time of year?  When I leave for work it's dark and when I get home it's dark.   


Sarah said...

What a fun event! Your table was my favorite for sure, though I really loved some of the others as well. And yes, I'm having a horrible time getting pictures taken, though mostly because there is so much going on that I'm having a hard time keeping the house looking presentable enough for pictures!

Lauren M. said...

Oh wow, your table looks great! That sounds like a fun event!

Merry Christmas!

Nothing But Blue Skies... said...

Your table looked gorgeous! Very sparkly and elegant! I love the way you draped the snowflake garland through the branches for a simple and fabulous centerpiece. Love the "sheet" table cloth too! No one would ever guess. Great job!

Ordinette said...

Great fantasy!! I published one of your tables and one of my favourites, the silver coloured one. Just keep sharing your ideas! laura

Thabata said...

OMG, this are awesome ideas for decoration! And are easy to make in house! Thank you for this pics

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