Powder Room

I've officially started on my powder room makeover.  Sometimes you just have to take the plunge to get yourself going so last night I did just that.  After the little one went to bed I started taking everything off the walls in the bathroom.  Next up I have to do the prep work, my very least favorite part, I doubt anyone really enjoys it.  

So here's what the room looks like now, time to say goodbye to the pumpkin

and here's my inspiration, courtesy of my closet

I'm also on the lookout for a great hook for the towel in there.  The towel bar that was previously in there was cumbersome and lacked character.  I'm loving the look of these from anthropologie, but will probably keep an eye out for a less pricey version.

love this one

love the swivel feature on this one

I want something a little fun and unexpected.  I'm going to scope out Hobby Lobby and see what I can find.  Hopefully I'll have some updates to share soon!


ClassroomEdit said...

I did DIY versions of the striped Anthro one with a plain ceramic hook from Hobby Lobby in about the same shape, black nailpolish (or spraypaint--I tried both!) and some 1/4" quilters masking tape. My time + $20 to make 5.

Dwellings by DeVore said...

Great idea! I saw those at Hobby Lobby yesterday and thought the same thing! It's definitely worth it for the price difference!

Lauren M. said...

Loving your inspiration colors! That powder room is going to be beautiful based on those items.

Myers Maison // Designing, Grilling and Life in Between

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