Fall Garland

September has always signaled the beginning of fall for me, even though it's usually still miserably hot and humid.  Maybe I'm just excited to start burning my pumpkin candles and baking up some fall goodies.  So, since we are a few days into September I figured I'd go ahead and share an easy little fall decor idea.  

I started with some ribbon I had leftover from an old project

Then, I added these orange ornament balls I've had for forever.  I never quite knew what to do them but I bought them a while back because they were a good deal.  I just strung them on the ribbon and tied a knot where I wanted each one to stay.

I'm sure I'll probably change my mantle decor a few times in the next couple weeks, I just threw this together to get an idea of what it would look like.  Are you ready for fall?  Have you started decorating yet?


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