Comfortable, Eclectic

We recently took a little trip to the most adorable french bakery called Amelie's.  It has a comfortable, eclectic feel to it.  They serve french cuisine and also french pastries and coffee.  It was such a nice treat to go there, and of course while we were there I couldn't help but take some pictures.

Although it's not my personal cup of tea design wise, I do appreciate the eclectic atmosphere and think it suits this type of place perfectly.

They are known for their salted caramel brownies and they did not disappoint, perfect combo of salty and sweet.

chandelier made out of cooking utensils, cool idea huh?

Love the framed menus

Perfect place for a date night or a Saturday morning cup of coffee.


Laurin said...

What an adorable little place!

jenshockley said...

I love Amelie's! I have their recipe for the salted caramel brownies if you are interested. So good!

Unknown said...

I just love the Amour! So darn clever.

Rashon Carraway said...

I so recognized this place. Ive been here many times. Are you in Charlotte?

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Dwellings by DeVore said...

Hey Rashon! I am in Charlotte, didn't realize you were too, small world!

Santi said...

beautiful place :)


Nugget said...

Many of the items in Amelie's were found at the Habitat ReStore on Wendover. Come visit!

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