Bunk Beds Done Right

A friend of mine pointed out this picture to me in the IKEA catalog, specifically the curtain on the top bunk bed.  She thought it would be a cute idea for her daughter's bunk bed and I definitely agree.  It's such a cute idea, especially when you have kids sharing a room.  It would make a great reading nook, don't you think?

via IKEA catalog

this room also used the IKEA hanging system for this bunk bed only the curtain is hung from floor to ceiling.  Love the light above the top bunk too, once again great for reading.

source  check out the rest of this home here you won't be disappointed.

and other rooms utilizing curtains with bunk beds...

Elle Decor


Bourg Family said...

LOVE these! I wish I had that gene to make my home look like one in a catalog.

amber lynn said...

i think this is a fabulous idea!!

Amanda said...

Love those!! I just saw that picture on another blog today and thought what a creative idea for bunk beds. And the rest of her house is amazing too! Crazy she did most of it with Ikea products!

Barbara Matson said...

What a fabulous idea! I wish I had thought of that when my girls were younger and sharing a room with their bunk bed!

AdamHead said...

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