So, it turns out y'all is spelled y'all not y'all. Does it really matter if you mispell a word that really isn't totally a word anyway? :). Thank you to my sister, the teacher, for pointing that out to me.


Anonymous said...

"So, it turns out y'all is spelled y'all not y'all."

Am I missing something?

Joy said...

Y'all is just as much a word as any other contraction such as isn't or haven't.

Megan said...

Lol. I was actually wondering about that but didn't think it was my place to point it out :) I do agree it's a "word" as much as any other contraction is a word.

Trista said...

I agree with Megan. It kind of bothered me, but I didn't want to sound rude. It is such a cute project.

Vania said...

I have been spelling it incorrectly for a very long time, until about a month ago. Someone should have pointed it out to me, but I finally noticed. I'm so embarrassed, because I'm kind of a spelling nazi.

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