Tucker's Playroom full reveal

Ok, now for the full reveal of my nephew's playroom. We were on a very tight budget with this room and tried to spend very little money. The room started out as a light beige color so we added some $5 smoky blue oops paint to the walls, then added some stripes using some frog tape and leftover white paint from my garage. I think paint makes the biggest impact for the least amount of money.

They already had the couch, but I wanted to add some color to it and dress it up a bit. So, my mom gave me these pillows she had sitting in her garage and I covered them with some leftover yellow material and some pillow covers from the "as is" section of IKEA. I just had to make them a little smaller to fit the pillows. The red ones were $0.99 and the blue one was $1.99.

I found this light from IKEA as well and thought it would add something nice to the room. It was only $9.99. It was originally meant to hang on the celing, but with a little rewiring I made it where it could plug into the wall (I can show you how I did this if you are interested, it's very simple). The frames were ones my mom and I had. We just gave them a fresh coat of bright yellow spraypaint and framed some pages from the Dr. Suess Book, "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish." The colors tied in perfectly.

For this wall, I used a door from the IKEA "as is " section. It was only $4.99 and I thought it would make a great desk or place to color. I just attached it to the wall using 2" by 2" pieces of wood and then added a leg in the corner for added support. The yellow pom pom balls are from Martha Stewart ($4.99 at Marshalls), but you can easily make these yourself using a little floral wire and some tissue paper. The large picture of the United States was repurposed from Tucker's room.

This chair was sitting in my garage just waiting to be painted and recovered.  I used a $0.99 pillow sham from the "as is" section of IKEA for the seat cover and gave it a fresh coat of spraypaint.

Distressed it a little for some character.  I'm sure over time Tucker will distress it even more :)

some more repurposed frames...

Overall the total cost for this room makeover was approximately $100.  Thank you to my wonderful mom who helped me out a ton with this project, I couldn't have done it without her!  Happy early Birthday Tucker!  Hope you enjoy it for many years to come!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

That room does NOT look like a $100 redo - FANTASTIC! My boys room one of the last rooms I need to do....and now I'm thinking some stripes might be in the near future...LOVE IT!

Frugal Home Designs said...

That is such a great room. I love how the colors are fun, but different for a play room. Awesome job.

Amory said...

Tuck loves it and it is perfect as a guest room/playroom combo. We have guests this weekend and they are livin large in your design

A Blissful Nest said...

this is adorable and shows as long as you are creative and think outside the box you can come up with a great design!

Andy said...

Love it. I would love your lamp tutorials!

Joi said...

The stripes are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I've loved everything I've read/seen on your blog. You are very talented!

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