A little More Easter Decor...

I have added a few more Easter decorations to our home. I love all the fun colored eggs that are available this time of year. I found some that I loved that were a really pretty blue color with red speckles all over them. I've never seen any like them before but for some reason I passed them up. I went back and apparently someone else liked them as much as I did because they were gone. I found these blue and yellow ones that I liked so they will just have to do. The birdcage was $3.99 from the Goodwill and just needed a fresh coat of spraypaint.  Inside it is a $0.99 apothecary jar from the Goodwill filled with my new eggs.

These little cheese servers were only $1.99 at Goodwill and they make a perfect display for my eggs and bird's nests.

and without the lid so you can see the eggs and little nest....


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