Fun Finds

My aunt found some great things for me to use for some of my projects. I love the uniqueness of each of these pieces. I'm not sure what I'll use them for yet but I'm sure I will find something!

I love them all but my favorite is this set of glasses! They are so unique and I love the color of them. I think they would make a great pedestal for a cake plate or they are so cute the way they are I might just use them for special desserts sometime, like chocolate mousse! Thank you so much Aunt Ju Ju!

This weekend I found lots of treasure going thrifting with my mom that I will have to share as well! I worked on a lot of projects too so I will share them with you this week!


Unknown said...

What a great Aunt! I am sure you will come up with lots of great ideas. xx

Anny said...

Wow everything there is lovely. I can't wait for the snow here to melt so I can start garage saling again :)

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