Christmas Ornament Craft

Here is a last minute Christmas ornament idea.  I made these to tie on some presents as a "bonus" gift!  You can buy these glass ornament balls pretty much anywhere (mine came from the craft store) and they are really inexpensive.  The paint is about $0.99 and comes in all different colors.  I just used the paint I had but you can do any color combination.  I like the way it looks with a little metallic paint mixed in too, gold and silver look nice.  However, I didn't have any of these on hand.  You could even add a little glitter too!  I thought of that after that fact but will definitly try that next year!  The sky is the limit!  All you do is remove the metal hanger from the top pour in the paint colors you want to use and then cover the hole with your finger and shake the paint around, making sure it covers the whole thing.  The more you shake it the more your colors will mix and the more swirls you will get.  You could even use a gold or silver Sharpee to write "Christmas 2009" or anything you want on the front of it.  Here is what I came up with using what I had on hand...

This one is for my mother in law, she loves black and white...

and all together...The green, blue, and orange one was supposed to just be orange and blue for the Florida Gators but the orange and blue mixed together and made green...oh well, it kind of looks like a globe?


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