If you haven't noticed from some of my pictures already, I definitly have a fascination with sticks.  I have always loved arrangements that use sticks.  I think it just gives it more dimension and texture.  Lately, I have been collecting sticks from my backyard, spraypainting them, and using them in different vases in my home.  I know there are several stores that sell them, but to me I'd rather find them for FREE and I can handpick exactly the ones I want.  You can also spraypaint the ones you find any color you want or just leave them in their natural state.  I would love to have a tree in my backyard with white, scaly bark.  I think the branches from those trees are so pretty and would look great in a vase, especially at Christmas time.  Maybe I will plant one... :) 

Here is a picture of my most recent "stick arrangement."  I just liked how curvy these are and kind of asymmetrical... 

So, next time you are looking for something to fill up a vase in your home, check your backyard!  Stay tuned, tomorrow I have several projects I'm working on and hopefully will get to share them with you!


Anonymous said...

Love your website & I love sticks too. Great job too on painting that lampshade.

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