Simple Fall Baby Shower

I hosted a simple fall baby shower at my home this past weekend.  I wanted to make it pretty, but didn't want to spend a lot on decorations that would just get thrown away at the end of the day.  So I focused on using what I had with a few inexpensive items mixed in.

I actually thought it might be fun to try to challenge myself by buying most of the things from the dollar store and I ended up sticking to that for the most part.

This was my first attempt at a naked cake.  Look at it from straight on and it's pretty good, but things get a little more "rustic" when you look at it from other angles.  As long as it tastes good that's all that matters right?  I added some fake peonies to the top and they actually are surprisingly realistic looking.  

I picked up these disposable coffee cups from the dollar spot at Target and borrowed the flowers from my daughter's room.  

I love using these gold bottles for coffee syrup.

We kept the food spread really simple too.  It was an afternoon shower so most people had just eaten lunch.  We had coffee, this fall punch, cake, cheese and crackers, and apples with cream cheese fruit dip.

This cutting board was a Homegoods find, but this one has a similar feel.

I made this print and popped it in a dollar tree frame. 

Feel free to print one for yourself if you would like!

I always love getting a chance to use my milk glass.  I really don't use it often enough!

And I made another faux real floral arrangement with my pumpkin vases.  I got some more fresh eucalyptus and added some of the fake peonies that I had leftover from the bunch I bought for the cake.  I love that I can keep using these flowers over and over again. 

The wrapping paper was another dollar tree find.  I love using wrapping paper for parties like this.  It's perfect for a table runner.

I also almost always get my plates, cups, and napkins from the dollar tree.  They aren't anything fancy but the price can't be beat and they have lots of different colors.

These little battery powered lights were an after Christmas find, but these would be fun too!

My mom let me use this vintage pink plate/bowl set that was my grandmother's.  I love the subtle pink touch.

I also gave this dollar store banner a makeover with some glue and gold glitter.

This drink dispenser was a gift several years ago.  I bought this white pedestal in the dollar spot at Target and it elevates it just enough so you can get a cup under the spout.  

It was a fun shower and I think the mama to be felt loved, which is the most important thing!


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