Moodboard Monday - Laundry Room

The laundry room is one of those rooms that often gets forgotten about when it comes to decorating and understandably so.  It's not exactly the most exciting room in the house, but with a few small additions it can be both functional and beautiful.  Even if you only have a small area for laundry, and not a whole room, you can still add a few pretty, decorative touches.  

1. Faux Succulent - I love using real plants whenever I can, but sometimes you just need a good no maintenance plant to add some green to a space.  A laundry room is a good place to go faux because a lot of times you don't have natural light for a real plant.  I love that this one looks so realistic too.

2.  Flush Mount Light - This light has a very low profile so it can be used in most rooms, even those with lower ceilings.  I like the modern look of it too.

3.  Laundry Basket - A pretty laundry basket like this is a big upgrade from the plastic ones most of us are used to.  I like that it has a liner that can be washed too.

4.  Open Shelving - Open shelving is great for extra storage in a laundry room and also acts as a nice spot to add some decorative touches.  It also comes in a two shelf option if you don't have space for three shelves.  It would be great for open shelving in a kitchen too!

5.  Persian Runner - A Persian runner looks great in pretty much any space, including laundry rooms.  I like that this one is fairly neutral and affordable.

6.  Glass Jars - I love using glass containers in laundry rooms for things like powdered laundry detergent or even wool dryer balls.  

7.  Wool Dryer Balls - Speaking of wool dryer balls, we use them all the time and love them!  I usually add a few drops of essential oil to them to make things smell good too!

8.  Ironing Board Cover - Sometimes it takes just a simple thing like updating your ironing board cover to make a difference in the feel of your space.  I like that this one has a neutral, organic feel to it.  We actually just started using one of these instead of a regular ironing board.  I found mine at Aldi of all places and it has been great, especially for ironing smaller things.

I actually just finished a little mini makeover on our laundry room a few months ago and will hopefully be sharing it soon.  Taking the pictures always takes me the longest!  

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase some of the items listed in this post.  As always I only share things that I love and think you will too!


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