IKEA Koppang Hack

A few months ago we were in the market for new nightstands and I felt like we couldn't find anything that I loved for less than $500.  I had a few parameters, not wood colored and fairly substantial so that they wouldn't feel out of place next to our king sized bed.  I searched for the longest time and finally settled on the IKEA Koppang chest.  It was fairly plain, but the size was right, the price was great, and it had lots of storage.  

I started out by changing the hardware, but that didn't make as dramatic of an impact as I was hoping it would.  Then I saw this beautiful nightstand and was totally inspired.

Unfortunately the knobs I used are no longer available, but this should work on pretty much any knob as long as it has some sort of shank.  Something like this or this would be pretty!  So basically all I did was tie tassels on the knobs I already had.  Since the material of the tassels was a little slick, I used some hot glue to hold the knotted part together.  Just a small dab.  These are the tassels I used and they were perfect!  I think I paid around $10 for 20 of them and they come in a few different colors.  I have several left over and might even try making some earrings from them.  

Now I want to tie tassels on everything!  I'm amazed at the difference it made! 

If you don't have an IKEA near you and you like the inspiration chest, this one has very similar lines.  For more info on our bedroom you can check out this post.  

*This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you purchased some of the items mentioned in this post at no cost you.  As always I only share things that I love and think you would too!  


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