Kids' Bathroom Plans

We held off on doing anything in our kids' bathroom until we found out if we were having a boy or girl the second time around.  Once we found out I was having a boy I knew it would need to be something gender neutral, but I still wanted it to be fun and playful without being overly thematic.  It turns out that was harder than it sounds.  Everything I came across was either way too girly or just kind of boring.  So when I saw this flamingo stencil from Royal Design Studio I knew it was the inspiration I was looking for.  Obviously flamingos don't scream masculine, but I knew that if I kept them white (vs. pink) that I could get away with it in a shared space.  First let's start with the before pictures.  There was nothing wrong with the room, but it was lacking personality.  It was just a basic builder's grade bathroom.

This was after removing the large mirror and replacing the light fixtures.

Here are some of the things I wanted to accomplish.  Paint the vanity to update it and make it brighter and more fun.  Stencil the walls.  That was a doozy but so worth it in the end.  After stenciling the nursery I think I'm done with stenciling for a while!  Update the lighting, replace the builder grade mirror, add a small stool to help when bathing the kids, and replace the shower curtain.  I also wanted to replace the towel bar with hooks and add in a few new accessories.

Here's the plan I came up with.

Of course we strayed a little from the original design plan, but overall we stuck pretty close to it.  I'll be sharing the completed room tomorrow so check back for the after! 

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