Simple Garage Organization

I'm a little ashamed to admit that we were never able to park the car in the garage at our last house.  Granted it was only a one car garage, but still it was packed too full with unfinished projects and was seriously lacking in the organization department.  So, I made a pact with my husband that when we moved one day I'd work on keeping our garage more organized so we could have more room to store garage sale finds park the car.   It took us a few months to get there, and it's still a work in progress as I go through things and get settled, but it leaps and bounds from where we started. 

 One of the key parts to this was finding a way to organize everything.  I stumbled upon the Rubbermaid Fast track system and was hooked, no pun intended.  Despite the state of my previous garage, I actually really love good organization especially when it's easy and makes sense.  This system is really affordable, easily customizable, and quickly adapts to your needs to change things up as time goes by.  That last one is a biggie because right now we have strollers and toys and lots of kid things that we won't need one day so we can easily switch out those hooks for something that better suits our needs down the road.  

There are tons of options for how to lay things out.  We used two 84 inch rails and one 48 inch rail.  Then we purchased a variety of hooks depending on what they were going to be used for.  We used a lot of these and these.  You can also buy the kit (pictured above).  I didn't take pictures of the process, but it's very simple.  Locate the studs, use a level to make sure the rail is straight, screw the rail into the studs and then slide the cover over the rail.  It's really easy and comes with detailed instructions.  Once the rail is attached to the wall you just snap the hooks on where you want them.  If you want to rearrange them you just unsnap them.  There are also cabinets and shelves that you can add.  Lots of different options actually.  

Here's how ours turned out.  

This is not a sponsored post, I just like passing along good products when I come across them.  This post does contain affiliate links, so if you purchase any of the items through the links above I receive a small commission to help offset the costs of running this blog.  Thank you for your support, it means so much to me!


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