DIY chalkboard "wreath"

I've been wanting to change up our front door "wreath" for a while now.  I say "wreath" because what we currently have is this.  It's my interpretation of a wreath. :)  You find the details for how to make this here.  

I really wanted to just utilize things we already had hanging around.  So, I started with a piece of plywood and an old frame.  I cut the plywood down to the same size as the opening in the frame.  In this case it was 11" x 14".  Then I gave it a coat of chalkboard paint and freshened up the frame with some gold spray paint.  

Once everything dried, I ran a thin line of hot glue around the inside edge of the frame and popped the plywood into place.

In leui of a traditional bow, I used some gold polka dot ribbon (from Hobby Lobby) and made a ruffle-like pattern in the corner.  I used hot glue here to hold the ribbon in place as well.  

Then I added a few faux succulents in the corner for something fun.  

I love the versatility of it too.  You can change the message up for birthdays, holidays, or even to welcome guests.  And don't judge my chalk lettering, it's a work in progress!


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