Friday Faves

I'm back at it this week with a few of my Friday Faves.  Hope you enjoy!

1. I would love to make this bag be for the farmer's market or grocery store!  Could be a fun gift too!

2.  I came across this pouf the other day and was instantly drawn to it.  I'm loving palm prints for summer and the contrasting trim is the perfect finishing touch.

3.  I think this balloon needs to make an appearance at our next party.

4.  Have you seen the new Oh Joy line for summer?  It makes me want to have a party just so I can use it!

5.  A few of these tassel placemats sewn together would make a pretty cute pillow.

6.  If you follow me on instagram you already saw this, but I came across the cutest black and gold stuff at Hobby Lobby the other day.  A lot more glamorous and a little less chevron/burlap than the stuff they normally have. :)  I loved those lamps and think that black/gold canvas could be a fun DIY.  

While I was there, I also came across some Lindsay Letters canvases and prints.  I was lucky enough to  win one of her canvases a while back and have been hooked ever since.  They were running low on them and out of a lot of them, but they said they'd be getting more in.  I'll definitely be going back!

Seen anything great lately?  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

ooh i love all the black and gold, and tassels, oh and that pouf! happy friday!!!!

Unknown said...

That pouf!!!! I love it!

Unknown said...

I just saw the Lindsay Letters items at Hob Lob yesterday! SO excited for that!

Unknown said...

I have been obsessing over all the palm prints and fabric lately. I just love them. Also, why am I not living by a Hobby Lobby right now??? When I decides to get gold and black = no fair! LOL! Happy weekend! xo Kristin

Unknown said...

That pouf is amazing!

Unknown said...

LOVe that pouf too! So Beverly hills! I have to check out HL, haven't been there in a while, love those lamps at the bottom!

Unknown said...

Loving the black and gold aisle. Oh I miss having a Hobby Lobby so close to home!!

Unknown said...

I love this round up and I'm SO going to have to go to Hobby Lobby! And I adore that zebra balloon for a little girl party! And the pouf is to die for! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

That black and gold! Go HL! The Hobby Lobby here in town has done major clearance, and is really moving things around lately. So far, the only new stuff I've seen is fall and Christmas (so not ready for that yet) - so I hope they'll be making room for some of these fabulous things soon! :)

Unknown said...

Absolutly beautiful! Great designs! Thank you for sharing! I think another good stuff for home decoration is silk carpet. Do you think so?

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