DIY gold dipped planter

This project was inspired by my new fiddle leaf fig tree.  My hubby got it for me for Mother's day.  I actually picked it out while we were shopping around at IKEA last Saturday.  I had heard others mention that they had found them there for $12.99, but had never seen any until this past weekend.  I told my hubby that I would prefer this over flowers for mother's day and he happily obliged me.  I think  he was secretly breathing a sigh of relief knowing that would take a little pressure off of him having to go out later and find flowers. 

You may remember a while ago when I purchased my first fiddle leaf fig tree.  I'm sad to report that it died a slow death.  I tried to do everything right, but every day I would find another leaf on the floor.  When I took it outside to dump everything out I realized it had gotten root bound, so this time I made sure to go with a much larger pot.  Which leads me to this little DIY project.

I started with this really inexpensive plastic planter from Target.  I think it was around $7.  

I sprayed it with some Rustoleum paint in Berry Pink.

I had this paint leftover from the cozy coupe makeover I'm working on (hopefully it will be finished soon!).  It says it's made to bond to plastic so I figured it would work well for this planter and it did.  After I painted it pink, I sprayed the bottom portion with some gold spraypaint to get the dipped look.  This planter has a removable base that acts as a tray so water doesn't go everywhere so I just took it off and spraypainted it and then put it back on.  If your planter doesn't have a removable base you could just use painters tape to get a nice clean line.

So here's to hoping it can survive my black thumb and a toddler who is into everything.  I would love to have it for many years and have it grow large enough to be an actual tree.  A girl can dream right?  Have any of you had any success with fiddle leaf fig trees?  Please share your tips, I'm all ears.


Dwellings by DeVore said...

Love the planter and the tree as well! I found a fiddle leaf fig at Home Depot around christmas and swooped it up in a hot second! I repotted it and it grew three beautiful new leaves, and now has done NOTHING for over 3 months! I am so nervous! But it doesn't look like its dying so I guess I will wait it out! Best of luck with your new tree!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

A few hints on the fiddle-leaf from a master gardener :) -- 1. It needs fairly bright light - if the leaves are dropping (without turning yellow), it's not getting enough light. A lot of places i see it on design blogs, where it is done for staging, are not places it would be happy long-term. 2. it does *not* like to be over-watered. If the top of the soil is wet to the touch, don't water it. Better to under-water it than over-water, b/c it's prone to root-rot. 3. It's a slow-growing plant, so don't stress if it doesn't appear to be 'doing anything' - it's just happy and slow. 4. It doesn't like cold drafts OR to be right in front of heaters.

The pot is gorgeous and it looks wonderful there!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

I really like the two colors! The curtains are pretty awesome too :)

Dwellings by DeVore said...

That looks so good in your room. Love it!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

The planter turned out great. You have no idea how I have been searching for a fiddle leaf fig. I can't find one :(

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