Tip for Painting Light Fixtures

Here's a simple tip for painting a lamp or any sort of light fixture.  I always make sure to cover the cord and the socket portion of the lamp.  I'm pretty sure paint in the socket of the lamp isn't a good idea.  So, I used to just use tape or whatever I could find, but then I started using tinfoil and it works really well.  It molds perfectly to the shape of whatever you are putting it on and only takes a minute.  I do use frog tape around the edges still to make sure I get a crisp, clean line.  

I did this for my living room lamps and it worked perfectly.  

This chandelier is still in the process of getting a makeover, but I love using this trick for the sockets on hanging light like this too.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We are supposed to get some warmer weather and I couldn't be more happy about it!


Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

Can't wait to see how that chandelier turns out.
Have a great sunny weekend!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

So smart! I usually use a plastic bag with tape around it, but this would be so much easier! Cute chandy!

Laurin said...

I have been contemplating painting the lamps in my living room and I was wondering what to do about those cords! Thank you!

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