Easy DIY turkey shirt

I wanted something cute and unique for my daughter to wear on her first Thanksgiving.  I saw lots of cute things on Etsy and other places on the web, but didn't want to spend a lot seeing as how she was pretty much going to just wear it one day.  So I did a little googling to get some ideas for something I could make for her.  My goal was to use what I had and not spend any money, mission accomplished!  I found this great tutorial at the cottage home.  She does a great job explaining her steps and even provides a template for you.  I took a few pictures along the way, but it's pretty self explanatory and you can check our her post for more detailed steps. 

Here's what you'll need:

1 Shirt or Onesie
6 different prints of scraps of fabric
Fusible interfacing (I used wonder under)
Turkey Template (click here to get hers)
Sewing Machine

I started with just a plain white onesie that I already had.  Then I scoured through my scrap material and picked some different fabrics that coordinated well and brought in a little brown and orange for some festive flair.  

Like I said, I didn't take a lot of progress pictures (check out her post for more detailed steps), but basically I ironed the fabric to the wonder under and then traced her Turkey template and cut out the pieces.

Then, I peeled off the paper from the back of my pieces and placed them on the onesie.  I played around with the arrangement of the "feathers" until I got them the way I wanted.

Then, I ironed it.  (make sure you put something like a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so you don't iron it together)  I placed a damp cloth over it and then pressed and lifted the iron over each area.  

Then, to dress things up a bit I stitched around the edges of the feathers and the body of the turkey.  It's not perfect but I kind of like it better that way.  Then, I just stitched some eyes, a beak, and legs on it with some heavy weight thread.  I would have probably gone with buttons for the eyes if my daughter were a little older, but right now she's into putting everything in her mouth and I just didn't want to take the chance of it coming off in her mouth.

pair it with a tutu and a jean jacket and you've got a perfect Thanksgiving day outfit!

I also made a boyish version for my nephew, who's 6 months old, but forgot to take a final picture of his, so here's an iphone pic of his before I put the eyes, mouth, and feet on it.


Lauren M. said...

What a cute idea! Great job!

Alvano Richie said...

Amazing, kids will definitely love that. Well done!

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Unknown said...

cute! i wish i would have seen this before thanksgiving... maybe next year =)

Dwellings by DeVore said...

OMG. Seriously is this really easy to make this design. Thank you so much for share this helpful post.
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