Free Headboard

Free headboard on the side of the road?  Don't mind if I do.  I whipped the car around and loaded it right in.  The ironic thing about this is, I had driven by this same house and seen this same headboard for sale at a yard sale a few weeks ago but didn't have time to stop.  So, when I saw it on the curb I was elated.  It still had the $20 sticker on it from the yard sale which I would have paid if I had been able to stop.  Looks like I just saved myself $20! :)  


Adriana said...

What an awesome find!

jenn said...

Jealous of that find...awesome! We can barely see your little princess in the picture. I would love to see a full reveal of her nursery. I have searched out the individual posts, but one comprehensive would be great.

jenn said...
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melanie said...

So Cool you lucky lady!! Your lil gal in the view is adorable! Wish I had the joys of owning a truck! I have to rent a truck and storage when I find steals like that... my one bedroom, garageless, upstairs apt doesnt allow me to hoard and create as much as I think I can, HA!

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