Christmas Show!

We went to a Christmas show recently that they were having in our area.  It was SO much fun and it definitly got everyone in the Christmas spirit.  This place was huge and filled with all kinds of vendors.  Lots of crafty folks along with some rooms decorated by local interior designers.  I would love to do this!

Here is the first one, that actually won first place...

and the others...

and a few ideas I snagged while I was there...

I thought these were super cute and could be so easy to make, It's just a wooden post made to look like a lamp post and there is a small night light bulb behind the plexiglass.  I think you could make these even cuter with frosted glass and maybe a more 3 dimensional pole, great idea though!

cute little dish towels, who doesn't love pom pom fringe!  Could be easy to make and would be a nice gift.

Definitly going to try to make one of these hummingbird feeders.  I come across so many beautiful glass bottles in my thrifting adventures and never buy them because I have to many already.  Well, it looks like I've found a use for them!.  They just turned the bottle upside down, attached a decorative hook to the top with some epoxy and then attached the feeder to the bottom, which I'm pretty sure you can get at a local garden shop or maybe even Garden Ridge. 

I have lots of fun things that I've been working on to show you, but with the time change it gets dark too early and I can never get the lighting right to take the pictures.  This weekend, I plan to take lots of pictures so I can show you what's been keeping me busy.  Happy Friday! 


Cheeky D said...

Yeah I love Christmas. You don't know me but I follow your blog. Love the things you do. I awarded you the stylish blogger award because I think your blog is fabulous. If you want to participate feel free to visit here to see the details. It's a cute and fun idea.

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