Ikat Side Table

I came across this little side table at a yard sale for $5.  I thought it had good lines, and for $5, I couldn't pass that up...

So here it is....

I wanted to paint it a pretty, unique color so I settled on this blue spraypaint (Rustoleum Night Tide)  It's a really pretty color blue, only one problem...It looked really splotchy on the large flat surfaces.  Sometimes this happens to me with spraypaint and other times it doesn't.  I think this time I got to impatient and put too much on at once.

So I decided to cover those areas with some Ikat fabric I had stored away for something just like this.  I just attached it using a staple gun and then I used some coordinating ribbon to cover up the staples.  

I think I actually like it better with the fabric anyways, I guess sometimes mistakes are good!  It makes it more unique and I love the contrast with the gold handle.  I have absolutely no where in my house to put this but hopefully someone will love it as much as I do when they see it in our shop!


Kimmy said...

I love how it turned out with the fabric! I totally agree that someone mistakes end up contributing to a better end result. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the table. The fabric really makes it. Did you put some sealer on the fabric?

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