I always, I sometimes, I never...

I've seen this idea on several blogs and thought it was such a cute idea that I decided to steal copy it :)

I always
do at least one design related thing a day
eat breakfast
hit the snooze button at least three times
kiss my husband goodbye in the morning
cheer for the Florida Gators

I sometimes
eat breakfast for dinner
wish I had a cute little dog
make the bed
like it when it rains

I never
watch scary movies
take out the trash
like driving at night


Tonia Lee Smith said...

I feel like this sometimes.

Joseph's Grainery Recipes said...

Gotta love breakfast for dinner!

amber lynn said...

What a neat idea. I think I will steal, I mean copy this too ;)

HI. I'm Julie. The Stalker. said...

i also never take out the trash. when i moved in with the hubby (then my fiance), my mom said that once do something, it will be your job for the rest of your life. so i avoided the trash like the plague...worked like a charm.

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