I scream, you scream... all will be screaming for this ice cream! Seriously, it is SO delicious and so simple. I stumbled upon this recipe first and knew I just had to find an ice cream maker so I could try it, it looked amazing. This recipe comes to us from the the kitchn. I mean seriously, how can you not be drooling over this.  For those interested in being  a little healthier, I substituted fat free half and half for the heavy cream, used fat free sweetened condensed milk and lite coconut milk and it was still delicious.  I've never had the full fat version, but this way was still delicious!

So, this led to my hunt for an ice cream maker, which I just so happened to find at Goodwill the very next day for $5! Coincidence, I think not :) I plugged it in to make sure it worked and it did. It's probably not the most gourmet ice cream maker, but it will work for what I need it for. Even if it just made this one batch of ice cream and died it would be worth it. (although I hope that's not the case b/c I have to make this again:) The fact that it's pink had me sold too, it's just cute. The little lotus leaf cups were a Goodwill score for $0.49/each. They are the perfect size for a little ice cream cup.

Here's my plan/thoughts.  I would love to make these for hostess gifts or just for someone who needs a little treat.  I found these great containers for the ice cream...

check them out here.  I haven't ordered them yet but I'm planning to in the near future.

Then I could decorate them with some cute little handmade labels  and maybe even have an ice cream party like this one  over at eat drink chic. 


These cups are covered with cute paper to dress them up and the template is a free downloadable template!  I'm definitely going to be doing this.  And those pink spoons are pretty adorable.

Enjoy your Sundae!  or Sunday! ;)

all ice cream party images from eat drink chic.


Dawn Parsons Smith said...

We love doing the whole ice cream parlour party in the summer:) This just confirms for me that it really is time to bust out for an ice cream maker too!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Krafty Christy said...

I will be waiting for my ice cream. ;)

Lorie said...

*gasp* Those are the exact dessert cups that my grandmother used to have.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I want them!!

kimma said...

What a great idea. I want to come to that party.

Unknown said...

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