I'm back!!

Sorry for the lack of posting, I just got back from a wonderful vacation at the beach with my family and now I'm back and ready to blog. :)

Plant by plant, Row by row
Lord, please help my garden grow.

I saw this on a plaque in Cracker Barrel and thought it was cute. I actually thought about painting it on something and hanging it in my garden. Yes, I planted a garden. I'm not good with plants really, but this year I was determined to have a garden. I just think there's something so cool about eating things that you grew yourself. So far so good. Nothing is dead yet and some of the plants are even started to produce!

Here are a few of my herbs, Rosemary and spearmint. I also planted basil, chives, chocolate mint (they had me at chocolate :), and Stevia. The stevia plant is the one you see dead in the background. Well, it's not totally dead we've just had lots of rain lately and I think it drowned. Who knew? I guess too much water is not a good thing. I'm in the process of reviving it and I think it's going to make it. There wasn't a hole in the bottom of that pot but I didn't realize it, I think that's what caused the problem.

and here's the rest of my garden! Two blueberry bushes, a fig tree, squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes! People always ask me why I planted a fig tree, but I say why not! Plus, the lady said they were easy to grow, maybe that's why I did it...

I already have several tomatoes!


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