The reason for my pink grass... is the reason for my pink grass. I had to decorate for a ladies event at our church and the colors were pink, white, and black. I was trying to work with a tight budget and so I once again turned to my trusty sticks. I also used the runners I made out of these tablecloths. I added small strings of beads to the sticks to give it another dimension. In these pictures they look like worms but I promise in real life they didn't :)

I made these pom pom balls for the other tables following these instructions from All Things Thrifty.

and this was just a mixture of sticks and floral stems for the food table...


Unknown said...

THe table settings look great! I love the colour scheme and your creativity! I am especially liking the pom poms and am seeing them everywhere. xx

Tonia Lee Smith said...

I love the pink painted branches

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