Glass Pedestal Vase

I made some vases similar to these in a previous post, but decided to make some more for an event we had at church. I started out with these vases from the Dollar Store. They are such great vases, even if you didn't do anything to them. I can't believe they are only $1!

Then, I covered the outside with newspaper and spraypainted the inside with silver metallic spraypaint.

Turned them upside down to let any excess paint run out and attached the candlesticks (also from the dollar store) to the bottom with some Epoxy.

And here his one of them on the dessert table at the event. Don't those goodies look delicious?!? They were great! :)

and I had trouble getting a good picture of the tables in there but you get the idea...

I think I ended up spending around $3 for each table, not bad considering we were on a pretty tight budget.

We had a wonderful time!  The food and the fellowship were great!


Anny said...

Very sweet! I've been to the Dollar Tree too many times looking for those vases - my store needs to step its game up ;)

Unknown said...

me and aunt ju ju just looked at your blog. the centerpieces are fabulous!!! we loved your flowers. they looked SO real! you're good! you're REALLY good!

Erika Ward said...

genius! I love to see dollar store items turned into stylish decor pieces!

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