Bed Canopies

I was planning on sharing my finished desk with you today but I totally forgot I don't have the knobs for it yet.  I am waiting for them to go 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  Fingers crossed, it will be this week.  Everything else is done so as soon as I get those I will share.  Instead, I will share with you the inspiration behind my latest project.  I love bed canopies.  They are so elegant and add such drama to a room and you can do it for very little money.  I love the way the full canopies look but the way our room is, I think it would be too much to have one going all the way around.  So, my plan is to have one just above the headboard to keep it simple.  Here are some beautiful pictures, maybe they will inspire you too!  I will share my finished product when it's done.

from Domino

not sure where this one came from

country living



Anny said...

Oh how romantic!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

I know, I just love canopies! Can't wait to get mine up!

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