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Have you ever bought a candle that smelled great in the jar but when you got home and burned it you could hardly smell it?  It seems like it's so hard to find a scent that will smell up your whole house without spending a fortune, but I think I may have found one!  I bought the fireside scent from bath and body works during their after Christmas sale.  First I just bought a candle and a scentport refill.  When I got home and used it, I loved it so much that I went back for more!  It's definitly more of a masculine smell (which my husband really likes) and somewhat earthy too.  It's probably one of those scents that you either love it or hate it but I think it smells great.  It reminds me of a warm fire on a cold winter day.  I plugged in the fireside scentport and about an hour later I could smell it all the way upstairs!  That doesn't normally happen with other scents I have tried.  The other scent that is probably my most favorite of all time is the Fig scent from Pottery Barn.  Sadly they discontinued it.  I have searched high and low for it but have never been able to find it.  It is super strong and smells up your entire house.  I got it on sale for $15 (it had been $58) and now I only burn it on special occasions because I don't want to waste it!  Maybe one day they will bring it back, I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


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