The Perfect Light

I have searched high and low for a drum shade chandelier that won't cost me a fortune.  I found some that I liked but the ones I LOVED were way out of my budget, go figure. :)  So, I decided to get creative and make my own.  I found the drum shade at the pottery barn outlet for a great deal!  The price tag said $24 (which I thought was a great) but it rang up $18!  I couldn't compain about that.  I also purchased a pendant lamp from Home Depot for about $20.  I had originally bought plexiglass to go on the underside to diffuse the light but after I put it up I realized I didn't need it.  So for about $40, I had my drum shade chandelier.  I had to do a little electrical work to make it happen but in the end it was worth it.



Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I really wanted to update my island pendants to smaller drum shades. I would love more specifics on how the electrical part all came together!

Vanessa said...

I found your blog through another one and have so enjoyed looking at all your projects! They are very inspiring and make me want to knock out my to do list!

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