Gold Glittered Piggy Bank

My daughter is getting to the age where she likes to collect spare change, so naturally she needed a place to put her stash.  I told my mom to keep an eye out for a piggy bank on her thrifting ventures and she came through for us a few days later with this little guy.

The blue was a little too boyish so I gave it a coat of gold spray paint (Rustoleum Gold Metallic).

Then, I coated it with a layer of modge podge and sprinkled it with gold glitter.  After it was good and dry I covered it with another layer of modge podge to help keep the glitter in place.  I'm sure we will still see stray glitter from time to time, but the modge podge seems to be doing a good job of holding it on.

My daughter loves it and honestly I do too!  Even though I'm a grown woman, there's just something about gold glitter that always catches my eye!


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